‘Counting On’: Joe and Kendra Duggar Made the Sweetest Pregnancy Announcement on Instagram

Duggar fans have been eagerly awaiting the next pregnancy announcement from the family. With so many of the Duggar kids grown and married, plus starting families of their own, it’s inevitable that there’s usually a pregnant Duggar among them at any given moment.

Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, announced that they were expecting their third bundle of joy in 2019. After they confirmed their pregnancy, Counting On fans started eagerly speculation who would be the next to announce. Would it be Joy-Anna? Jinger? Anna?

Finally, we have our answer!

Joe and Kendra made the announcement on Instagram

It’s obvious that Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell either know a professional photographer or have some truly excellent iPhone photo taking skills. Their photo post on Instagram was so sweet – and worth framing on the wall. In the picture, the smiling couple sits with their son, Garrett, who isn’t even one yet. And they’re holding gold balloons that say, “baby.”

“We are ready to double the fun at our house!” Joe and Kendra explained to Us Weekly. “Being parents has already proven to be a greater joy than we had hoped or imagined. We love getting to parent together and are loving every moment and milestone. We are very happy that our little family will welcome a new addition later this year. Children really are a blessing from God!”

Fans suspected that Kendra might be pregnant

Duggar fans are always wondering if one or two of the wives might be pregnant. Many were focused on Abbie Burnett, who got married to John David in November 2018 and then left her nursing career. But Kendra was also a source of speculation when super fans started noticing her pinning pregnancy announcement ideas on her Pinterest. Turns out their assumptions were correct, and Kendra was dreaming up a cute way to tell the world she was having a baby.

Plus, Kendra knew she wanted to have more than just one child. “We would love to have more kids if the Lord blesses us,” Kendra told Us right before her son Garrett was born. “As many as He wants to give us, we’ll be happy to take them.” 

How many kids will Joseph and Kendra have?

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Having fun outside!

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If Kendra is already pregnant before her son is one, it’s not a stretch to assume that she’ll follow in her mother-in-law’s footsteps and have a huge family. Currently, Michelle Duggar has 19 children and this will be her 14th grandchild. Of all her kids, her eldest son Josh has the most children so far (he and Anna have five).

But if Kendra is willing to accept children as they come and doesn’t plan on using birth control, then it’s possible she could have even more than that. The Duggars aren’t afraid of larger-than-average family sizes!

Plus, InTouch pointed out that there are more boy grandchildren than girls, and Kendra already has a son. If this is another boy, it’s more likely she’ll want to try for a daughter.

We wish her all the best on her pregnancy journey!