‘Counting On’: Kendra and Joe Duggar Receive Backlash Over Spending a Night Out Without Their Newborn

Joseph and Kendra Duggar recently welcomed their second child, a daughter named Addison Duggar. The couple have been spending most of their time lately caring for their newborn; they also have another child under two, Garrett, at home. But Joe and Kendra did manage to slip away for a night out together recently, and while many were happy to see them getting some alone time, they were met with some backlash, too.

Joe and Kendra Duggar
Kendra and Joseph Duggar | LittleDuggarFamily via Instagram

Joe and Kendra are parents to two young kids

Joe and Kendra have only been married for a little more than two years, but their lives have already been filled with milestones. The couple welcomed their first child nine months after their wedding date, so they didn’t waste much time in terms of starting a family. Then, after welcoming Garrett in June 2018, the couple announced another pregnancy less than a year later. Kendra received a bit of backlash for announcing two pregnancies before her 21st birthday, but the Duggar family tends to have many kids starting at a young age. They welcomed their daughter, Addison, in early November.

Kendra expressed excitement in getting to spend some alone time with her husband

Joe and Kendra recently posted a photo to their Instagram page expressing excitement about finally having their first date night after nearly a month of being home with their newborn (the caption was presumably written by Kendra). Kendra seemed to have some difficulty during labor with Addison, and the process was very intense — the couple decided to have the baby at a hospital, though the doctor didn’t show up before Addison forced Kendra to start pushing. After a tough delivery and several weeks at home nursing the baby, Kendra and Joe spent the evening with just each other on December 4. 

One Instagram user called Kendra out on not being there for her child

Though many people were happy to see Kendra and Joe spending some one-on-one time together, not everyone was thrilled about it. One user even called the two out on leaving their baby. “I don’t know how people can do that,” the user wrote, referring to Kendra being away from the baby during feeding time. “If a relationship cannot evolve to include the baby’s needs, it wasn’t strong to begin with.” The comment received nearly 40 likes, and some agreed with what was written. “I completely agree. You have to put your childs [sic] needs first,” someone replied. Despite the negativity, there were many people who stood up for Kendra and Joe and felt they were giving themselves a much-deserved break.

Fans suspect Joe and Kendra will have many more children

Though Kendra’s delivery didn’t go as planned, it likely won’t stop her and Joe from welcoming more kids. Fans have suspected the two might even have more kids than Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar did, since Kendra became pregnant at such a young age and has already had two children in nearly two years. The Duggars tend to want large families, and it wouldn’t surprise us if Kendra and Joe announce another pregnancy in 2020.