‘Counting On’ Fans Poke Fun at Joe and Kendra Duggar’s Outfit For Their Daughter

Joe and Kendra Duggar are still getting used to being the parents of two young children. The two have had their hands full ever since welcoming their second child; their kids are only a little more than a year apart, so handling two kids who are so young is definitely a challenge for any new parent. Joe and Kendra recently posted a photo taking a walk with their daughter, Addison, though fans couldn’t help but notice something questionable about her outfit.

Joe and Kendra Duggar
Joe and Kendra Duggar | LittleDuggarFamily via Instagram

Joe and Kendra Duggar recently welcomed their second child

The Duggar family loves having babies; in 2019, there were six pregnancies announced. Joe and Kendra Duggar, who already had one son, announced that they were expecting their second child. The surprise was highlighted on Counting On; Kendra put a message in the bottom of Joe’s ice cream bowl to tell him.

Joe and Kendra are parents to Garrett, who they welcomed back in June 2018. Less than a year passed before the two announced that another baby was on the way.

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Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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Some fans have criticized Joe and Kendra for having two kids so young

Though it’s not unusual for parents to have children close in age, some fans criticized Joe and Kendra for welcoming another baby so quickly. The two wed when Kendra was only 19, and they didn’t wait long to start having children. In fact, the couple welcomed their first child just 39 weeks after they wed, which led many to speculate that Kendra got pregnant on her wedding night (the Duggars are not allowed to have intimate relations with their partners until marriage).

When the two announced another baby less than a year after their first was born, some fans spoke out that they felt Kendra was too young to already be a mother of two. But in the Duggar family, the more kids, the better.

The couple recently dressed their daughter in a massive bow

Joe and Kendra recently stepped out to get some exercise with their little girl, Addison, who was born about two months ago. The couple posted a photo to their Instagram story showing them taking advantage of what appeared to be a nice day. But fans couldn’t help but notice that the bow on Addison’s head looked way too big for her.

Joe and Kendra Duggar with Addison
Fans joked that Joe and Kendra Duggar’s daughter looks blindfolded in their photo. | LittleDuggarFamily via Instagram

“On a little walk with a blindfolded newborn,” one person posted to Reddit. “Why [so] freakin’ big?” another user commented. “Finally a Duggar using eye protection in the outdoors,” someone else joked. Fans have criticized the Duggar family for their headband usage in the past, suggesting it’s uncomfortable for the kids.

Some think Joe and Kendra will have more kids than Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

Though Joe and Kendra only have two children now, some think they will eventually have more kids than Joe’s parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. Kendra is so young, and she started having children at 19. With so many years of fertility ahead of her, many think she is being groomed to become the next Michelle Duggar. Time will tell if she ends up welcoming 19 — or more — kids, but out of all the Duggars, these two seem well on their way.