‘Counting On’: Some Think There is ‘Strong Pressure’ For Joe and Kendra Duggar to Have the Most Kids

Counting On stars Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have one of America’s largest families. They welcomed 19 kids and have one adopted son for a total of 20 children. Now, several of Michelle and Jim Bob’s kids have grown up, married, and started families of their own. Fans are starting to see which families seem to want more kids and which might want fewer. But some who watch the show are convinced that Joe and Kendra Duggar are facing the most pressure to have a large family.

Joe and Kendra Duggar
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Joe and Kendra Duggar welcomed two kids in just over two years

Joe and Kendra had known each other for years before things turned romantic between them. Kendra, who is about four years younger than Joe, had been a member at the Duggar family’s church, which is how the two were first introduced. Their families had been friends since they were young, but when Kendra turned 18, Joe started to look at her differently. The two spent more time together and got to know each other, and Joe asked to court her. They were engaged within two months.

Joe and Kendra wed in 2017, and they wasted no time in starting a family. Exactly nine months after their wedding, they welcomed their first child. Then, before their son, Garrett, had even turned one, they had already announced baby no. 2 — their daughter, Addison, was born in November 2019.

Some think the two are facing ‘strong pressure’ to have the most kids

Joe and Kendra welcomed two kids in just over two years, which means baby no. 3 could be announced sometime this year, and nobody would be surprised. And critics of the show seem to have no doubt that Joe and Kendra will have the largest family out of any of the Duggar kids — but it could be because they’re facing pressure from both sides of the family. 

Critics took to Reddit to discuss the couple’s futures, and people seemed to agree that with Joe and Kendra both coming from big families (Kendra is one of eight kids), both of their parents will likely put pressure on them to have a ton of kids. “They’re on track for 20 kids, and there is strong pressure from both sides of the family to achieve that goal,” one Reddit user said. “They’re fully immersed in the Kool-Aid. They’ll have as many kids as…allows,” someone else wrote. “They show no sign of stopping,” another user added.

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Critics suggest Jinger or John David will have the fewest children

People also discussed who would have the fewest kids, and the general consensus was that it will either be Jinger or John David Duggar. Jinger is married to Jeremy Vuolo, and they’ve only welcomed one daughter despite having wed almost four years ago. John David and Abbie waited until their late twenties to get married and have kids, so they will likely not have as many as the Duggars who married much younger. Time will tell who actually has the most and fewest kids, but Kendra and Joe certainly seem to be on track for the most.