‘Counting On’ It Seems Like Josh and Anna Duggar Are Still Working to Rebuild Their Marriage

Josh and Anna Duggar have been through a lot since his sexual abuse scandal leaked back in 2015. While many people have asked why Anna chose to remain with her husband, others have also admired her strength in being able to put the whole situation behind her.

In the couple years that followed the revelations of Josh’s dark past (plus his cheating scandal), he and Anna spent time rebuilding their marriage. But marriage isn’t easy, and it looks like these two are still working today to keep a strong marriage.

Josh and Anna Duggar
Josh and Anna Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Josh and Anna wed back in 2008

Josh is the oldest son of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, and he was married long before any of his siblings. He first met Anna back in 2006 when the two attended a Christian homeschooling convention. At the time, Anna was still a teenager, and she didn’t want to marry Josh until she was out of her teens. The couple courted for two years before they wed in 2008.

Josh and Anna started having kids quickly. They welcomed four children, all with “M” names, before Anna learned that Josh was hiding many secrets.

The two went through a lot when Josh’s secrets came to light

In 2015, the couple’s marriage started to crumble. Josh’s sexual abuse scandal from the early 2000s was leaked, and Anna learned that he had inappropriately touched several young girls when he was younger — most of whom were his own sisters. In addition to that, Anna also learned that Josh was living with a pornography addiction and had been cheating on her.

Josh opened two Ashley Madison accounts (a website used for extramarital affairs) while married to Anna, and there were allegations he’d had sexual intercourse with a stripper. But through it all, Anna stayed with him. The two went to marriage counseling and worked hard to rebuild their relationship over the next couple of years.

Their weekly date night proves they still work hard to keep their marriage strong

Though Josh and Anna have come a long way since all of this news first broke, it seems they’re still working hard every day to keep their marriage in a good place. Anna revealed that she and Josh have weekly date nights, which is likely one way they continue to develop an even stronger relationship.

Healing from something like that takes time, and it doesn’t come easily. But the couple setting time aside for each other each week proves they are dedicated to having a successful marriage.

The two have welcomed two new kids since the scandal 

Despite everything they’ve been through, Josh and Anna have still expanded their family. The two announced in 2017 that they were expecting their first child since learning of Josh’s issues (their fifth child altogether). And in 2019, they announced their sixth pregnancy. The two welcomed a daughter back in fall 2019.

Josh and Anna most likely aren’t done having kids, either. They seem to be working toward the best marriage they can, and it appears they’re much happier than they were five years ago.