‘Counting On’: Josh Duggar’s Return to Social Media Isn’t Going Exactly as Planned

The internet has proven, once again, that they are neither forgiving nor forgetting. Josh Duggar was pretty much pulled from social media when his first (then second) scandal broke back in 2015. In recent months, however, the eldest Duggar has been slowly added back into the fold and has even begun appearing in social media posts again. Dare we say it, he also appeared in a sponsored post on his wife’s Instagram page. If the Duggars thought that the collective internet would forget about his indiscretions, they were dead wrong.

Josh Duggar’s return to social media

Back in June 2018 fans noticed that Josh had updated his Facebook profile. The page had sat mostly dormant since news of his affairs hit the public airwaves. While Joshua tried to put his best foot forward with his Facebook presence, fans were still skeptical.

From there, Josh started showing up in other online realms, too. Anna Duggar began posting photos of the father of five, and he even got involved in a sponsored post. Some fans questioned whether or not the pair were trying to mount a reality TV comeback by gauging how well Josh was received online. If that’s what they’ve been trying to do, the public has spoken.

Fans have been trolling Josh hard

Josh and Anna may be in the midst of some financial hardships. Rumor has it that the eldest Duggar boy’s car lot business isn’t exactly booming, and the family just listed their large home for sale. They haven’t purchased another property yet.

That fanbase, however, is having none of the influx of Josh. Anna’s recent pregnancy announcement did little to buoy fan confidence. Many believe that Joshua is controlling Anna, and most have given up hope that the ultra-conservative Christian wife will ever leave her two-timing husband.

Instead of getting behind the couple as they prepare to welcome their sixth child, fans have taken to trolling Joshua online. Twitter has been ablaze in recent weeks regarding the troubled father and former politico. Not only have fans questioned his income, but they’ve also questioned the legitimacy of his business, how he treats his family, and exactly what he’s trying to pull.

Will Josh and Anna ever make it back on television?

While getting back on TV would likely ease a severe financial burden, it doesn’t look like the public is anywhere near ready to embrace Josh. In fact, Anna would be more likely to find her way back to a reality TV paycheck if she ditched the husband.

For now, they’ll have to make do with some sponsored social media posts, and whatever job is tossed Josh’s way by Jim Bob Duggar. Reality television just isn’t going to happen, at least not now!