‘Counting On’: Josh Duggar’s Wife, Anna, Just Attended a Duggar Christmas Party 5 Days After Giving Birth

We’ve been keeping up with the Duggars for years thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar thrusting their 19 kids into the reality TV spotlight. And while the family still has many fans, many will never forget Josh Duggar’s scandals of the past. From sexual abuse to cheating scandals in 2015 to alleged raids by Homeland Security in 2019, Josh is still on everyone’s radar as the most troubled of the family.

According to Josh’s wife, Anna, they’re still happily married, however. And she recently gave birth to their sixth child. Since Anna is so active on Instagram, she let all of her followers know that just five days after giving birth, she went to the annual Duggar ugly Christmas sweater party — though many think she looks absolutely exhausted.

Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, just gave birth to her sixth baby

Josh may not have an active social media presence, but Anna delivers on giving her followers family updates and photos to show what’s going on in their lives. And fans of the Duggars are well-aware that Anna was expecting their sixth child with her due date landing right on Thanksgiving Day. It turns out that date wasn’t too far off, either. Anna announced on Instagram that her baby arrived the day before the holiday.

“Maryella Hope arrived one day ahead of Thanksgiving Day 2019 and a great reminder to be grateful for all God has done for us!” she captioned the post of her newborn. “We are so excited and thankful to God for His special blessing giving us this precious, happy & healthy baby girl!”

As for where the name “Maryella” came from, Anna explained on another post that “Mary” was to honor Grandma Duggar who passed away in the summer of 2019, so she and Josh knew they wanted to incorporate that in some way. “We chose Hope for her middle name because of the Hope we have because of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Jesus is the ultimate demonstration of love and hope,” Anna wrote.

She didn’t attend the Duggar’s Thanksgiving, but she did help cook

Because Anna gave birth to Maryella the day before Thanksgiving, she took the holiday to rest with her newborn. Her other five kids, however, went over to the Duggar family’s large home to celebrate with their relatives on Josh’s side.

“For those who are asking, I’ve spent Thanksgiving Day in bed resting and bonding with Maryella Hope,” Anna captioned an Instagram post about the holiday. “When it came time for our family to read our Thanksgiving chain, I threw a sweater over my nightgown joined the rest of our family for this special tradition…and then I headed back to bed! Thankful the kiddos got to go spend time with extended family as well today…lots to be thankful for!”

Despite Anna just giving birth, it looks like she still helped out with kitchen duties, however. Jana Duggar mentioned on her Instagram post about Thanksgiving that Anna helped make the turkey.

Josh and Anna went to the Duggar’s ugly sweater party

Anna may not have participated in Thanksgiving, but just five days later, she attended the annual Duggar ugly sweater party. She posted a photo from 2018’s party above a photo of 2019’s party for comparison.

“Little Maryella Hope made her debut (at 5 days old) for her first #familynight with the big family…and she seemed to enjoy it so much!” Anna captioned the post. “Our kiddos had a blast getting dressed up and spending time together with everyone while enjoying good fellowship, food and fun!”

 Many of her followers thought she looked totally exhausted, however.

“Anna looks tired, I just had my 5th and I’m tired. Tired twins…,” one follower commented on the photo.

And others took to Reddit to express the same.

“Oh god, Anna looks exhausted. She gave birth, what, five minutes before this picture was taken?” a Reddit user wrote. “And she was expected to go straight over to her in-laws mansion and keep sweet instead of resting.”

We’re hoping Anna attended the party because she wanted to and not because she felt obligated. There’s no doubt she needs rest with the new baby!

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