‘Counting On’: Josh Duggar’s Wife, Anna, Revealed How Jessa Duggar Spent Her Birthday

This season of Counting On is giving us more insight into our favorite Duggar family members’ lives. From Jinger Duggar moving across the country to Jessa Duggar preparing for the birth of Ivy, we get to see all of the details of their lives from months ago that they didn’t post about on social media. But there are a few family members missing from the show — and one of them is Josh Duggar.

Due to Josh’s scandals of the past, he’s no longer a part of TLC’s programming, and that also means his wife, Anna, and his children aren’t on the show, either. While Anna might not get any screentime, she still posts a ton on social media about the Duggars. And recently, she told everyone how Jessa Duggar spent her birthday. Here’s what we learned from Anna’s Instagram.

Anna Duggar is one of the most active Duggars on Instagram

If there’s any member of the Duggar family who’s known for oversharing on the internet, it’s Anna. She may no longer be featured on the small screen, but she frequently updates her Instagram with photos of her children, herself, her brothers- and sisters-in-law, and of course, Josh. Since Anna also has her sixth baby on the way, her followers are getting updates on how her pregnancy is going as well.

It seems nothing is too personal for Anna to post to Instagram. She even acknowledged the hardships and “shadows of sorrow” in her marriage to Josh in a post including their wedding photos. And she’s also taken it upon herself to share photos and details from many Duggar events, like Michelle Duggar’s birthday, that the other Duggars failed to document.

We also can’t forget that Anna consistently comments on Instagram posts added by her Duggar in-laws. She keeps up with social media so frequently that many of her followers have called her desperate for approval and attention from the family.

Jessa Duggar just recently celebrated her birthday

Jessa has been a fan favorite since the early days of 19 Kids and Counting. But since having her third baby, Ivy, she’s been quite elusive — and fans have even wondered why the busy mom hasn’t posted much of herself to social media. While Jessa will occasionally add photos of her kids to her Instagram account, she hasn’t posted any of herself in months. She even changed her Instagram profile picture to one of her husband, Ben Seewald.

If the Duggar Family Instagram account didn’t post about Jessa’s 27th birthday, it would’ve flown under fans’ radars. “Happy Birthday, Jessa! It was so fun to have lunch with you and your precious family today to celebrate. You and Ben have mastered the skill of teamwork!” The Duggar Family Instagram captioned their post of Ben, Jessa, and their three children.

Anna commented on the post, too. “Happy Birthday Jessa!!!!” she wrote. “You are such an inspiration to me by the kindness and grace the flows from your life! Love you lots – let’s keep celebrating because you are amazing!!!!”

Anna revealed how Jessa spent her big day

While the Duggar Family Instagram shared that the family went out to lunch with Jessa, it was Anna who showed us what Jessa and Ben were up to for the rest of her big day. Anna posted a photo of a couple of her kids as well as Joy-Anna Duggar packing shoeboxes full of gifts for the charity Operation Christmas Child.

“Thank you to @jessaseewald & @ben_seewald for spending most of Jessa’s birthday today investing time and resources to set up this fun family project!” Anna captioned the post. “Happy Birthday Jessa, we love you so much!”

While Anna stated that’s what Jessa was up to, she doesn’t actually have any photos of her in the post. But Anna did post a video of her kids and Joy-Anna packing shoeboxes full of gifts, and it looked and sounded like plenty of others were around to lend a helping hand. We’re hoping Jessa had a wonderful birthday helping others in need!

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