‘Counting On’ Josiah Duggar’s Wife Lauren Went to College for Nursing, But Says It ‘Isn’t My Passion’

It turns out John-David Duggar’s wife Abbie Burnett isn’t the only member of the family who is trained as a nurse. Josiah Duggar’s wife Lauren Swanson explained in an Instagram post that she earned an associate’s degree in nursing when she was just 18. But it doesn’t sound like the mom-to-be is planning on putting her education to use any time soon. 

Lauren Swanson has a degree in nursing 

Like her husband, Lauren was raised in a conservative Christian family. She and her eight siblings were homeschooled, and like her in-laws, her family is involved in the controversial Institute in Basic Life Principles. But unlike most of the Duggars, Lauren did also receive some schooling outside of the home. 

As teens, Lauren and her sister Lily took classes at Georgia Military College as part of a special program that allowed high school students to also enroll in college-level courses. 

“It was a program for students that weren’t finished with their high school — it was called dual enrollment,” Lauren explained in an episode of Counting On. “And we were able to take high school and college classes at the same time. So, in two years we graduated high school and I got an associate’s degree.”

“I really enjoy helping people, I always thought I’d be a nurse,” she added. “So, my dad always encouraged us just to get options out there.”

However, Lauren admitted that her favorite class didn’t have anything to do with nursing — it was actually a writing course. 

She says nursing isn’t her ‘passion’

nurse preparing a vaccine
Nurse preparing an injections |Keith Lane/McClatchy DC/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Though Lauren did earn a two-year degree in nursing, she ultimately decided it wasn’t the right path for her. On an episode of Counting On, she revealed that she didn’t particularly enjoy school and that she no longer saw herself becoming a nurse. 

In a recent Instagram post, she shared 11 facts about herself. And when she mentioned that she’d studied nursing, her followers had some questions. 

“Why don’t you practice?” asked one, who was curious why she wasn’t using her nursing degree. 

“I would have to take my boards exam to practice,” Lauren replied. “However, really nursing isn’t my passion.”

“I don’t know how I could fit that in my life right now,” she added in another reply.

Lauren says her real love is decor and design 

If she could go back and get an educational do-over, Lauren might have chosen to study interior design. 

“I love doing decor and design, it’s a passion of mine,” she revealed on Instagram. “I love making a room/project look beautiful (can’t wait to show y’all the nursery).” The 20-year-old Lauren has also showed off her guest room design and posted updates about how she loves hunting for antiques.  

Lauren shares a love of design with her sister-in-law Jana Duggar. The oldest Duggar daughter has taken to sharing many of her design projects on Instagram, like the little desk she tucked into a corner of her parent’s bedroom when redesigning the space. She and her brothers are also in the process of remodeling an old schoolhouse. Maybe she and Lauren will team up for a project together?