‘Counting On’: Josiah and Lauren Duggar Have Already Made It Clear They Want Many Kids

Josiah and Lauren Duggar just welcomed a new addition to their family. Their daughter, Bella, comes after the two went through a miscarriage late last year with their first child, Asa. But in typical Duggar fashion, Josiah and Lauren will likely have many children; in fact, they’ve already made it clear that they want to have quite a few.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar
Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson | Josiah and Lauren Duggar via Instagram

Josiah and Lauren had a miscarriage before they had Bella in November

When Josiah and Lauren were first married, they didn’t waste any time trying for a baby. The two actually learned they were pregnant shortly after their honeymoon. However, a few weeks later, Lauren miscarried the baby. She recalled the moment when she wasn’t feeling well; she said she went into the bathroom and she could tell she had miscarried the baby. It took a while for the two to heal, and it seems they are still working through losing that first child. However, earlier this year, they announced another pregnancy; their baby girl, Bella, was born in November.

Fans recently watched the couple’s gender reveal party on ‘Counting On’

Counting On is currently in its 10th season, and though the show is filmed in real time, it doesn’t air for several months after filming takes place. Though Josiah and Lauren have already had their baby, on the show, the two just had their gender reveal party. The party took place at Lauren’s family’s home, and each guest was given one balloon. One of the popped balloons was supposed to reveal the baby’s gender, but after all of the balloons were popped to reveal nothing, Lauren’s younger sister brought out the real balloon. Lauren and Josiah learned they were having a girl.

Josiah said something that made it clear the two want many kids

Once the couple learned a daughter was on the way, they revealed that they would name their children in alphabetical order. The two had named their first child Asa and their second child Bella. When Lauren told Josiah she loved the name Bella, they came up with the idea to follow the alphabet. “We just decided that from that point, we would do [that],” Josiah said, making it clear the two were already thinking about having more kids.

Jim Bob joked with Josiah about naming their “J” child Jim Bob. Josiah told his father that when they arrive at that letter in babies, they’ll do that, insinuating it’s possible the two might have as many as 10 kids. Josiah even joked that they’d name their “J” daughter Jim Bob if they had to.

The Duggars tend to have as many kids as possible

It wouldn’t come as a surprise if Josiah and Lauren ended up with at least 10 children. Lauren is only 20 and is already a mother. The Duggars tend to want as many kids as God will give them, so it would make sense that Josiah and Lauren are thinking of having as many as 10. Joseph and Kendra Duggar have already had two kids in about two years, and Jessa and Ben Seewald just welcomed their third child in five years. Right now, it’s unclear who will have the most children, but Michelle and Jim Bob already have plenty of grandchildren.