‘Counting On’: Joy-Anna Duggar Is Still Promoting Her Husband as a ‘House Flipper’ Despite Recent Lawsuit

We’ve been keeping up with the Duggars for years thanks to TLC shows like Counting On, and it’s hard to believe how far along Joy-Anna Duggar has come. While we’ve kept up with her infamous 18 siblings and parents who’ve enforced ultra-strict rules due to their religious ways during her upbringing, Duggar is making a major name for herself all on her own. And part of the reason for this is because of her unique occupation.

While most, if not all, of the Duggar women don’t have jobs outside of the home, Joy-Anna Duggar helps her husband, Austin Forsyth, with flipping homes. And she referenced his home-flipping ventures in an Instagram post for his birthday — though we can’t forget he’s had some serious backlash recently due to a lawsuit.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth flip houses for a living

We know the Duggar family makes a healthy living through their TLC programs, but Duggar and Forsyth manage to make their own income with their side hustle of flipping homes.

“House projects are really good for couples to do together,” Duggar said in a clip from Counting On years ago. And Forsyth is then seen showing Duggar how to utilize some of the power tools. He then commented that once he shows Duggar how to use some of the tools, she gets better at using them than he is.

Duggar also shared that she was living in a camper while she and Forsyth fixed up a home to sell, too. “First of all, we just started building a new house to sell, not for us to live in, but we did one last year and we did really well and so we’re excited to be starting another one,” she said in an Instagram video from August. And she’s also shared how she’s fixing up the home every step of the way with additional videos and photos.

Forsyth was recently sued for fraud

While Duggar and Forsyth are fan favorites, it seems Forsyth’s found himself in hot water. Back in October, a couple who bought one of the couple’s flipped homes filed a lawsuit in Arkansas that accused Forsyth of lying about permits he allegedly had to install a septic tank.

According to the lawsuit, the couple noticed a “foul odor of human waste,” resulting in them getting the septic tank inspected. The inspector claimed the tank Forsyth used was not the one that should’ve been installed on that specific type of property. The couple then had to install a new $20,000 system.

After all was said and done with the lawsuit, the couple was looking to rescind their purchase of the home or have Forsyth pay to fix the tank and pay the court fees. At this point, if Forsyth loses the case, it looks like he’ll be owing the couple thousands of dollars — and it seems Forsyth is fighting the case and denying he needed any special permits in the first place.

Duggar just promoted her husband as a house-flipper

Forsyth and Duggar are all over the media due to this debacle, and we’re not sure if their future as house-flippers is in jeopardy from this. Either way, Duggar doesn’t seem too concerned.

She just posted photos of Forsyth as a kid to Instagram for his birthday. “26!” she captioned the post. “Today is Austin’s birthday and so I thought it’d be fun to tell y’all some fun facts about him that y’all may not know… so here we go!” Duggar then proceeded to explain that Forsyth’s a firefighter and EMT, he’s a pilot and farmer, he plays the fiddle, and of course, “he is a house flipper.”

In the comments below the caption, Duggar further explained what a house-flipper does to a curious follower. She wrote, “before we got married He bought older houses to fix up and sell!”

Forsyth appears to be well-liked among the Duggar community, as it seems nobody in the comments mentioned the lawsuit. Instead, there were many birthday wishes. We’re hoping Duggar and Forsyth can figure out the lawsuit situation soon so they can keep on flipping!

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