‘Counting On’: Joy-Anna Duggar Just Made a Shocking Admission About Growing Up in the Duggar Household

It is not a big secret that the Duggars follow a strict set of family rules. Counting On fans have watched these rules play out for years on the show, though Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may have relaxed a bit on the younger generation. Taking to social media, Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar made a shocking admission about growing up with the Duggars, and her confession hints that she may have broken a few of her parent’s guidelines growing up.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth from 'Counting On'
Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth from ‘Counting On’ | Austin and Joy Forsyth via Instagram

Joy-Anna talks about watching TV

In a recent Instagram post, Joy-Anna revealed that she was getting ready to babysit a few of her nieces and that everyone was excited to watch one of her favorite television series.

“Who else loves ‘I love Lucy’?!” Joy-Anna shared.

In the comments, one Counting On fan noted that Jim Bob and Michelle previously said that their children do not watch network television. Luckily, Joy-Anna saw the comment and cleared things up right away.

“We didn’t have Cable Television in our home when we were growing up, but we did watch old TV shows and movies on DVD or online,” she stated.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the Duggars do not like secular entertainment in their household. But given Joy-Anna’s recent post, it sounds like the family is okay with things that were produced prior to the 1960s.

We do not know if Jim Bob and Michelle have kept up those strict rules, but there is a possibility that they lightened up with their younger kids.

Amy Duggar reacts to Joy-Anna’s confession

Joy-Anna is not the only member of her family who spoke out on social media. The Counting On star’s cousin, Amy Duggar, also chimed in about watching the classic series on DVD.

“We would laugh and laugh at this episode!” Amy stated. “Still sooo funny every time I watch it!!”

Amy’s comments are not that surprising considering how she was raised in a more open household than her cousin. In fact, Amy may have been the one who showed Joy-Anna the series in the first place.

Even still, it is a little strange that the Counting On stars were forced to sneak away to watch a show like I Love Lucy, which is about as wholesome as it gets. Hopefully, Jim Bob and Michelle have eased up in their old age, though a ban on TV is hardly the strangest rule they have employed over the years.

Inside the Duggars strangest dating rules

As Counting On fans are well aware, the Duggars have a host of rules for their children to follow. The majority of their rules are about dating and marriage, which makes sense given their religious beliefs.

For example, the Duggars are only allowed to enter courtships and are not permitted to date. The courtships are meant to lead to marriage, so they generally do not court people that are not marriage material.

When they are courting, the text messages they send to each other are supposed to be in group form with Jim Bob and Michelle. That said, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald did not follow this rule prior to their engagement and snuck away to make secret calls to each other.

Other courting rules include only side-hugs and absolutely no public displays of affection. Chaperones are also required on dates, though it is not clear if the couple’s oldest daughter, Jana Duggar, will have to follow that rule.

What else do the stars of ‘Counting On’ avoid?

Dating aside, Jim Bob and Michelle have a bunch of other rules they force their children to follow. Most of these rules are related to their religious beliefs, though a few of them are a little out there.

The Duggars, for instance, are not allowed to soak up some sun at the beach, mostly because of all the bikini-clad women that might temp the Duggar men. The Counting On stars are, however, allowed to swim as long as they wear acceptable attire.

Speaking of attire, the women in the Duggar family famously do not wear jeans. Instead, they usually rock long skirts and leave the pants-wearing to the men in the family. This rule has been broken a few times in recent years – we are looking at you Jinger Duggar – so they might be letting up a little on that front.

When it comes to holidays, the family completely avoids Halloween, which they view is straight from the “demonic realm.”

Counting On will return for season 11 in 2020 on TLC.