‘Counting On’: Joy-Anna Duggar Just Showed Off Something in Her House She Never Would’ve Had as a Kid

We’ve been keeping up with the Duggars since before some of the youngest members of the family were born. And it’s all thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for bringing their family of 21 into the spotlight. While we love watching Jana, Jessa, and Jinger on Counting On, we’re also enjoying that many of the older Duggar kids now have their own Instagrams. And one social media account that gets a lot of attention belongs to Joy-Anna.

Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth, are often posting photos of their remodeled homes and their son, Gideon, to the ‘gram. And recently, we noticed Joy-Anna showing off an item in her home that she never would’ve had when she was growing up.

The Duggars grew up without a TV in their home

The Duggars are known for having ultra-strict rules. They’re devout independent Baptists, and Jim Bob and Michelle have 19 children because they don’t believe in birth control. Instead, they trust that God gave them as many children as they’re supposed to have.

This is far from the only stance the family has that’s controversial. Growing up, the Duggar kids were expected to dress modestly, which meant the girls would wear long skirts that hit below the knee and tops that covered their shoulders. Instead of dating, they entered courtships, and they didn’t kiss their significant others until their wedding day.

As for what the kids did for fun, they spent a lot of time singing and playing with each other and the other children they attended church with. And they didn’t listen to modern music or watch cable TV in the home. Those living under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof today are monitored closely to see what media they’re consuming.

Jill Duggar still doesn’t have a TV in her house

Many of the older Duggars have stepped away from their parents’ strict rules and started living with more modernity. But it seems Jill still holds some of her parents’ values close. While she’s no longer regularly featured on Counting On, she has a hefty Instagram following. And she uses her ‘gram to share recipes and photos of her family — though the comments aren’t always nice.

Jill’s followers have noticed that, like Jim Bob and Michelle, she doesn’t own a TV either. During a video tour of her home, fans noticed the lack of TV and commented on it. However, Jill responded that she consumes modern media without a TV

“We just watched online on our laptop….haha,” Jill told one of her Instagram followers. “Interesting side note, My hubby says he read something about it becoming more common for millennials to not have TVs.”

Joy-Anna Duggar just showed the huge TV she owns

Joy-Anna is known for flipping homes with her husband. While the two were living in a camper during their house-flipping, she announced in November that she and Austin bought a home and are planning to settle down. And it looks like that home involves a TV.

“Picked up these girls for the weekend!! Love getting sister time in when I can!” Joy-Anna captioned an Instagram post showing her with some of her younger siblings. And the next post in the series showed all of them watching I Love Lucy on a massive TV.

“I thought ya’ll didn’t watch TV,” one follower commented.

To that, Joy-Anna corrected, “We didn’t have Cable Television in our home when we were growing up, but we did watch old TV shows and movies on DVD or online.”

We’re wondering if any other Duggars have a huge TV in their home. As far as we know, we doubt Jim Bob and Michelle will be jumping on buying their own anytime soon!

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