‘Counting On’: Joy-Anna Duggar’s Son Is Already Showing Some Very Duggar-Like Behavior

Whether you’re a Counting On viewer or you follow the Duggars on Instagram, there are plenty of ways of catching up with your favorite members of the family. And while Jim Bob and Michelle originally brought their 19 kids into the spotlight, it’s now their older children who are getting all the attention. We love following Jessa, Jill, and Jinger on Instagram, of course. But we’re also interested to see what Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, are up to as well.

Joy-Anna and Austin typically post photos of their house-flipping ventures to the ‘gram. But we also get plenty of content of their son, Gideon, who’s just a year old. Recently, Joy-Anna added a few cute photos of Gideon after a meal — and it’s reminding her followers of some typical Duggar behavior.

Joy-Anna Duggar added a video of her son licking his plate to Instagram

Gideon is as adorable as ever — and with so many newborn Duggars around, we can’t forget just how cute Joy-Anna and Austin’s son is. Joy-Anna frequently adds photos of videos of Gideon to the ‘gram for her followers, too. From Gideon “helping” out with the family’s home-improvement projects to him getting into Joy-Anna’s personal belongings, it’s clear Joy and her son have a sweet bond that fans absolutely adore watching.

On Dec. 4, Joy-Anna added another set of photos of Gideon that were very sweet. The photos showed Gideon licking his plate clean after his meal. “He got his love of food from me!” Joy-Anna captioned the post.

Fans are reminded of Joseph Duggar’s plate-licking habit

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Gideon’s newfound habit of licking his plate is reminding fans of another popular Duggar — Joseph. Joseph, who’s married to Kendra, is known for cleaning off his plate with his tongue when he thought a meal was particularly well-cooked.

Joseph’s plate-licking habits are so well-known, in fact, that it was a source of contention in his marriage to Kendra. During their honeymoon, Joseph licked his plate, and Kendra suggested he should stop the gross habit. Sadly, Joseph was confused as to why Kendra would have a problem with it, as he noted he isn’t the only Duggar to partake in such behavior.

Fans commented that they were reminded of Joseph’s habits after looking at the photos of Gideon, too.

“Uncle Joe’s plate licking habit has rubbed off,” one fan wrote.

“And apparently Uncle Joe taught him to lick the plate! Lol,” another added.

But another one of Joy-Anna’s followers thought the habit should be stopped. “Please DONT let him be a ‘plate licker!’ It’s a deplorable habit as an adult!!” the user commented. “Go ahead everyone send me the hate messages, but you know it’s true!! Gideon is so cute but habits are hard to break (aka uncle Joe).”

Is this a sign of food insecurity?

Gideon might just be picking up on habits that he’s seen from Joy-Anna’s family. But as for where the habit began, many think it has to do with the Duggars experiencing food insecurity in their youth. Jim Bob and Michelle expressed that money was tight when they were raising 19 kids, and we know they had an ultra-strict grocery budget. Not only that, but the kids often grew up with meals that involved a lot of cheap canned goods.

Jill Duggar still posts many of her favorite recipes she grew up with to her blog and Instagram, and she gets a lot of backlash for the posts, too. Some meals, like Chicken on the Ritz, were a red flag for her Instagram followers.

“This is what food insecurity looks like,” one Instagram user commented.

“Your family recipes reveal a lot about how poorly you were fed,” another wrote.

We’re not sure if Joy-Anna will correct Gideon’s behavior, as it doesn’t look like she sees anything wrong with it. The good news is she noted he was licking the plate after a salad!

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