‘Counting On’: Joy Duggar Just Revealed Something Surprising About Her Husband

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth have been happily married since 2017. The two seem to make a great team; they work hard to remodel homes and then sell them for a profit, and Duggar recently revealed that she and Forsyth just purchased a home for themselves, which they are remodeling, too. Though fans always felt like they knew Forsyth well, Duggar just shared something surprising about her husband.

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth
Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth | Austin and Joy Forsyth via Instagram

Duggar and Forsyth have been married since 2017

The two first met through church. For a while, there has been speculation that Jim Bob Duggar played a large role in making sure the two were married. However, Duggar has said that she had a crush on Forsyth for years, but she was several years younger than him. When he was ready to settle down, he started looking at her in a different way, and things came together for the two. There was also speculation that Duggar became pregnant before her wedding, since the two moved their date up by five months and welcomed a child nine months later. Despite the rumors surrounding them, they’ve always seemed to have a very strong relationship.

Duggar always shows a lot of love for her husband

The Duggar family loves social media, and they enjoy sharing their lives with fans. But Duggar always takes the time to brag to the world about how great her man is (and who can blame her?). Earlier this year, Duggar went through a miscarriage at 20 weeks, which has since been hard for her and Forsyth to recover from. But she has continued to say that he’s been there for her through everything ever since. She seems to truly enjoy his company, and though some questioned how they ended up together, they have definitely proven that they are in love.

She recently revealed that Forsyth is a pilot

Duggar recently said something to fans that everyone was surprised by. It has long been known that John Duggar, who is married to Abbie Burnett, has his pilot’s license. But in a recent photo, Duggar revealed that Forsyth is actually a pilot as well. She posted a photo alongside Burnett, and part of the caption read, “Fun fact!! Both of our husbands are pilots!!”

Fans were surprised to learn this about Forsyth. “I didn’t know Austin was a pilot!” one user commented. “… I knew John was a pilot but didn’t know Austin was too!” someone else wrote.

Fans can’t help but wonder when the two will announce another pregnancy

Earlier this year, Duggar and Forsyth announced to fans that they had lost their baby girl at 20 weeks. Duggar said the two had gone in for her 20-week checkup when the doctors informed them their baby didn’t have a heartbeat. It’s been difficult for the two to move on, but it almost seems that it has made their relationship stronger. Right now, it’s unclear when they’ll announce another pregnancy, but we’re certain the two do want more kids. We wouldn’t be surprised if they made another announcement by early next year.