‘Counting On’: Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar’s Baby Special Sends Jason Duggar Courting Rumors into Overdrive

Kendra Caldwell welcomed her second child with husband Joseph Duggar during a baby special on Counting On. Fans loved seeing Kendra and Joseph add to their growing family, but the birth was not the only thing that caught everyone’s attention. Counting On fans were quick to notice that Kendra’s younger sister, Lauren Caldwell, was getting a little extra cozy with Jason Duggar, sparking even more talk that the two might be courting.

Joe and Kendra Duggar holding their new baby
‘Counting On’ stars Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell holding their new baby | The Duggar Family Instagram

Inside Kendra Caldwell’s ‘Counting On’ baby special

Kendra gave birth to a healthy daughter, Addison Renee, in early November. After the birth, members of the Duggar and Caldwell clans stopped by the hospital to see how the young mom and her baby were doing.

Among the visitors were some of the younger Duggars, including Jason, and Counting On viewers were quick to notice how close Jason and Lauren appeared in front of the cameras.

The two stood awfully close to each other while they held the newest member of their family. Although sources have said a romance is not in the air, fans speculated that something is happening between Lauren and Jason.

At this point, it is difficult to say if the two are courting. If they are it would hardly be the first time a romance blossomed behind the scenes of the popular reality series – and it probably will not be the last.

Are Jason and Lauren courting?

This is not the first time Lauren Caldwell and Jason Duggar have faced courting rumors. According to In Touch Weekly, Lauren was spotted with Jason and other members of the Duggar family on social media a few months ago.

Counting On fans commented about how they might be courting, and a few followers even congratulated them on their relationship.

“Is [your] sister dating one of the Duggar brothers?” one fan asked, while another added, “I’m surprised the other Duggar boys [haven’t] gone for Lauren yet!”

Considering how close Jason and Lauren appeared in the baby special, fans might be on to something. And even if they are just friends, their relationship could easily turn romantic in the years to come.

After all, this is exactly what happened to Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar a few years back. The two were good friends for the longest time when they suddenly started courting. Fast forward to the present day and they are happily married with one kid under their belt.

When did the rumors begin?

The rumors that Lauren and Jason are courting started way back in February when she popped up on the Counting On family’s social media account.

At the time, the two were in Greece on a mission trip and posed together for a group photo. Lauren also showed up in a few photos at the airport, which only fueled the courting rumors even more.

Fast forward to last month and Lauren made it onto Anna Duggar’s Instagram account. While Counting On fans continue to speculate about a romance, one eyewitness claims that Jason and Lauren spent a lot of time together on the Greece trip.

The source shared an image of herself posing with Jason on Facebook, which backs up her claim that she was in Greece during their trip. She went on to reveal that Jason and Lauren were together throughout the trip and hinted that they are courting.

“He was over here with a group for a week. I was out and about with them most of the time! His future bride was also here … good vibes between them! I have been invited over to their ranch …” she stated.

Family friend denies the rumors

Despite all of the speculation by Counting On fans, a close friend of Lauren’s family recently shut down the reports that she is courting Jason.

Madison Nicole, who has worked as a photographer for the Caldwells, revealed that Lauren is not in a relationship with the Counting On star or anyone else at the moment. That does not mean things will change between Lauren and Jason, but it sounds like perhaps they are just friends for now.

If they do get romantic and get married, their children will become double cousins with Kendra and Joseph’s kids (assuming they have children of their own). Although Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have had 19 children, this would be a first even for them.

Unfortunately, Lauren and Jason have not commented on the rumors surrounding their friendship. She has also been linked to other members of the Duggar family, so there is no telling how things will work out.

Until we learn more, new episodes of Counting On air Tuesday nights on TLC.