‘Counting On’: Kendra Caldwell Puts Pregnancy Rumors to Rest With New Instagram Snapshots

The Duggar family has a lot of birthdays to celebrate in August. Jennifer Duggar, Josiah Duggar, and Kendra Caldwell all have birthdays in the month of August, and Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are expecting a new baby this month. Kendra didn’t celebrate her big day with the extended Duggar family, though. Instead, it looks like Kendra had a family day with the Caldwells. The event was documented on Instagram and seemed to put the rumors that Kendra and Joe are expecting their third child shortly to rest.

Kendra’s family posted the first full-body photo of Kendra since January

To commemorate Kendra’s 22nd birthday, her family posted several pictures of her birthday festivities. In one photo, Kendra is seen standing with her mother and her younger sister, Lauren Caldwell. The full body photo is the first time Kendra has appeared in a full-length picture since January 2020.

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The post may have been all about commemorating Kendra’s big day, but it managed to quiet the rumor mill a bit, too. Kendra’s Instagram absence has led some family followers to assume she is, once again, pregnant. The photo, as long as they are current shots, seem to prove that Kendra and Joe are not already expecting their third child. Or, at the very least, she isn’t anywhere close to giving birth.

Why do family followers assume Kendra Caldwell is pregnant again?

Kendra and Joe made quick work of expanding their family. In 2017, the pair married. Nine months later, their first child was born. By the time Garrett Duggar turned one, Joe and Kendra were once again preparing for a new baby. Addison, the couple’s second child, was born in November 2019. Just a few months after Addison’s birth, Kendra and Joe’s Instagram account went relatively dark.

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Rumors of a third pregnancy started shortly after Kendra stopped posting on Instagram, but were kicked into overdrive when Kendra appeared to be absent from several Duggar family events. She was  a no-show at Joy-Anna Duggar’s baby shower, and didn’t appear at several other family gatherings. At the very least, she wasn’t photographed at those events. Family critics largely assumed Kendra was once again expecting, and keeping her distance during the Coronavirus pandemic. The recent shots appear to suggest those rumors were unfounded. Why she hasn’t appeared at  Duggar family events is still unknown.

When can fans expect another pregnancy announcement from Kendra and Joseph Duggar?

Kendra and Joe haven’t announced another pregnancy yet, but that doesn’t mean they are done having children. In fact, most family followers strongly believe the couple will have the most children in the Duggar family. Kendra hasn’t even been married three years, and she’s already welcomed two children into her family. So, when will the couple’s next pregnancy announcement happen?

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Family followers strongly suspect that Kendra will announce another pregnancy before 2020 is over. Addison will turn one in November. If Joe and Kendra follow their previous pattern, the pregnancy announcement will take place right around Addison’s first birthday. That means the couple could welcome a new baby sometime in 2021. For now, that’s all speculation, though.