‘Counting On’: Kendra Caldwell’s Return to Social Media Causes More Questions

Kendra Caldwell has broken her social media silence. The mother of two hadn’t posted anything to Instagram since April 2020 and appeared to be missing from several Duggar family events, sparking concern from fans. Shortly after a fan questioned Michelle Duggar about Kendra’s whereabouts, she added a photo to the social media platform, but the snapshot left fans with more questions than answers.

Kendra’s absence from family events has led some fans to assume she’s pregnant

Kendra’s absence from major family events has led to some fan questions. Kendra was not spotted at Joy-Anna Duggar’s recent baby shower, and she hasn’t appeared in a family picture since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. The last time Kendra was featured on the Duggar family’s official Instagram page was in January 2020. The photo was from a professional newborn shoot.

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Michelle happily told fans that Kendra is doing well when questioned about her whereabouts. She did not go into further detail about Kendra, Joseph Duggar, or the couple’s two small children.

Kendra and Joseph Duggar might have the most kids, theorize fans

Family followers seem pretty sure that Kendra and Joseph could have the most children out of the Duggar siblings if they keep up their current pace. The pair, who married in 2017, welcomed their first son exactly nine months after their wedding date. Just two months after their second wedding anniversary, they announced the birth of their second child. Kendra turned 21 in August.

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The couple’s third wedding anniversary is in September, and many family followers believe a pregnancy announcement will be made ahead of that date. If that’s the case, they’ll be on track to surpass the number of children that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar had. Michelle and Jim Bob did not welcome their first child until Michelle was nearly 22.  

Kendra’s recent social media snapshot has done nothing to quell the rumors

While family followers largely believed that Kendra was pregnant before she rejoined Instagram, the rumor mill has jumped into overdrive since her last post. Kendra’s picture, upon first glance, looks pretty innocuous. The photo features Kendra and Joseph’s two children, with a simple caption. The image is cute, but fans can’t help but notice that Kendra seems to be avoiding posting pictures of herself.  

Could Kendra’s reluctance to post a selfie point to a potential pregnancy? It’s possible but it doesn’t seem that likely. Kendra and Joseph have not shied away from announcing their pregnancies in the past. Kendra’s last full-body photo was posted in January 2020. If she’s been shying away from posting a photo of herself due to pregnancy since then, she’d be roughly seven months pregnant. Even if they decided to withhold the news, they’d have let fans know by now.

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So, why would Kendra be missing from family events and Instagram if she isn’t pregnant? There could be a variety of potential reasons. It is possible that Joseph and his bride are simply practicing social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic. Joseph and Kendra’s children are still both very young, so it’s possible they are keeping their distance to protect their family. To be fair, Kendra wasn’t a particularly prolific poster, to begin with, either.