‘Counting On’: Joe Duggar’s Wife, Kendra, Opens Up About the Difficult Birth Of Her Daughter: ‘I Thought I Was Gonna Die’

For some, childbirth is quick and fairly easy (well, about as easy as delivering a baby can be). For others, there can be many complications and a lot of pain to accompany those problems. Kendra Duggar’s second pregnancy might have been worth every agonizing minute now that she has her baby girl at home, but in the moment, she was fearing for her life.

Joe and Kendra Duggar
Kendra and Joseph Duggar | LittleDuggarFamily via Instagram

Joe and Kendra Duggar just welcomed their second child

When Joe and Kendra first announced that they were expecting, many people were thrilled for them. However, some were a bit concerned. This would be the couple’s second pregnancy announcement in less than a year (they share a son, Garrett), and Kendra was only a teenager when she welcomed their first child. Some fans were concerned that Kendra was too young to already be a mother of two children. However, Garrett’s parents seemed excited to be expecting another baby, so fans were ultimately happy for them.

The couple announced the new baby’s gender at Garrett’s first birthday party; they welcomed their daughter, Addison, in November 2019. 

Kendra experienced a bizarre problem during her delivery

At the beginning of Kendra’s birth special on TLC, she was calm, cool, and collected. Though she was having contractions, she said they weren’t too bad and was talking to the camera with a smile. But as the labor became more intense, a bizarre problem arose. Kendra was ready to give birth, but her doctor, who was still delivering another baby, had not yet arrived. Kendra said at one point that she felt like she needed to push, but the nurse stopped her, asking her to hold the baby in until the doctor could get there.

Kendra was dealing with a lot of pain during her contractions

In the beginning, Kendra was doing great. But as the birth became more intense, her pain worsened, and she started having a difficult time with her contractions. At one point, she even got sick from the pain. Joe was comforting her the whole time, but in that situation, there was little he could do.

Eventually, the delivery nurse delivered Kendra’s baby, as the doctor was still busy, and Kendra simply could not wait any longer. Once Kendra could finally push, things went smoothly. Addison arrived a healthy baby, though Kendra later opened up about the birth, saying “I thought I was gonna die” when she recalled the pain from the contractions and not being able to push.

Some think Joe and Kendra will have more kids than Michelle and Jim Bob 

Kendra’s birth might not have been the smoothest, but fans don’t think it will deter the two from having more kids. They’ve already welcomed two kids in two years, and many think they could potentially have as many children as Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. Since Kendra is only 21, she has many years of healthy fertility remaining. For now, they are enjoying life with their toddler and newborn. But nobody would be surprised if they made another pregnancy announcement sometime in 2020.