‘Counting On’: Lauren Swanson Isn’t the Only Duggar Stealing Instagram Aesthetics from the Bates Family

It looks like a battle between the ultra-conservative Christian TV families is brewing. The Duggars and the Bateses were friends once upon a time. In fact, the Bates family got their television start on the Duggar family’s show, 19 Kids and Counting. Fans, however, are no longer sure were the families stand with one another. While several of the kids appear to be good friends, an Instagram battle seems to be in the works. Back in December 2019, fans accused Lauren Swanson of stealing Josie Bates’ style. Now, it looks like Anna Duggar is doing it, too.

Lauren Swanson copied Josie’s Instagram photo

Lauren Swanson, who married Josiah Duggar in 2018, was the first Duggar family member to be accused of stealing the Instagram style of a Bates kid. Lauren took to Instagram in December 2019 to share a photo of her young daughter, Bella. In the picture, Bella was placed under the family’s Christmas tree with presents surrounding her. The photo was sweet because Bella was born just ahead of the winter holidays.

Bella, however, wasn’t the first ultra-conservative Christian baby to be posed as a gift under the Christmas tree. Josie Bates had previously shared an eerily similar photo. When a fan pointed out the similarities, Josie actually liked the comment, leading some followers to believe she was quietly feuding with Lauren. Lauren, out of all the ladies who have joined the Duggar family, appears to be the least liked by fans and followers.

Anna Duggar recently shared a picture that looks suspiciously similar to Alyssa Webster’s recent snapshot

The drama over Lauren’s explicit copying has since died down, but now it seems like Anna is joining in. Anna took to Instagram recently to share a photo of her family of eight. The picture, which Reddit fans called “aggressively unflattering,” looks to be an odd carbon copy of a photo that Alyssa Bates, who married John Webster in 2014, recently shared in her Instagram Story.

In the picture, Alyssa and her three daughters are all dressed in matching, emerald green dresses. John, for his part, is dressed in a blazer with a coordinating plaid shirt. In Anna’s photo, Anna and her two young daughters are dressed in matching dresses. They appear to be the exact same dresses as the Websters are sporting, just in a different color. The family’s youngest child, who was born in November 2019, is swaddled in a blanket. The Duggar boys, however, didn’t seem to get the memo on coordinating their outfits. The photos might not be precisely the same, but the aesthetic most certainly is.

Are the Duggars and the Bates family really friendly?

With tension apparently growing between the two families, fans are curious about their actual relationship with one another. Following Josh’s molestation scandal, the Bates family appeared to put some distance between themselves and the Duggar family. It’s true that Kelly Jo and Gil Bates, who are the matriarch and patriarch of the Bates family, haven’t been seen with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar in ages, but the boys sure seem to be friends.

Several of the Bates boys have been spotted with the Duggars in recent years. In fact, Lawson Bates seems to show up so often that many fans believe he might be courting Jana Duggar. Jana, who recently turned 30, still hasn’t found her prince charming, much to the chagrin of fans. Carlin Bates also appears to be close to Joy-Anna Duggar. Joy-Anna served as part of the bridal party in her recent wedding.

The Bates family from UP's original series "Bringing Up Bates"
The Bates family from UP’s original series “Bringing Up Bates” | Christopher Martin/UP TV via Getty Images

Whether or not the families, as a whole, remain friendly remains unknown. Now that many of the kids are adults, they are free to manage their own relationships, and they are seemingly doing just that. They are unlikely to ever appear on the same reality TV show ever again, though. That has more to do with contracts than their actual friendship status, though.