‘Counting On’: Lauren Swanson Shares Recipe for Healthy Sweet Potato and Kale Meal

If you’re stuck at home and looking for some healthy recipe ideas, Lauren Swanson is here to help you out. The wife of Counting On’s Josiah Duggar shared a recipe for an easy and healthy sweet potato and kale meal on her Instagram Story on March 16. Bonus: It’s gluten-free. 

Lauren and Josiah are stuck at home with their baby 

Josiah and Lauren Duggar with Bella
Josiah and Lauren Duggar with Bella | siandlaurenduggar via Instagram

Like millions of other Americans, Lauren, Josiah, and their infant daughter Bella Milagro are hunkering down at home because of the coronavirus. 

“Many of you are probably cooped up at home because of the coronavirus. Same here. So I thought I would do a pretend cooking show,” she said. 

Lauren — who eats a gluten-free diet on the advice of her doctor — explained that she was going to share a recipe for a chipotle kale and sweet potato salad. “I love this. It’s my favorite,” she said. 

Lauren’s recipe is easy to prepare  

sweet potato and kale recipe
Sweet potato and kale recipe | siandlaurenduggar via Instagram

In a video, Lauren explained how to prepare the no-fuss recipe, which calls for olive oil, sweet potatoes, onion, bell pepper, and garlic, plus optional bacon. She tops it all with a chipotle mayo she buys at Walmart. 

With a baby at home, Lauren prizes convenience, and with this recipe she saves time by choosing ingredients that are already cut and washed, so she can simply throw everything in a pan. Even so, her husband Josiah had to step in and man the stove when Bella demanded her mom’s attention. 

While Lauren’s recipe looks pretty easy to make, a few critics on Reddit slammed her for burning the sweet potato and for incorrectly describing the kale as blanched. 

Lauren isn’t the only Duggar dealing with the coronavirus situation 

While Lauren and Josiah are safe at home and eating healthy meals, her sister-in-law Jill Duggar had to venture out the other day to get supplies. The mom of two just happened to run low on toilet paper and soap just as people starting panic-buying basic supplies. Her husband Derick Dillard spent hours looking for toilet paper the night before, but came up empty-handed. The next day, Jill had to hit multiple stores before she finally found a package of the prized commodity at Walmart.

In a video she posted to YouTube, Jill explained that her “biggest problem” was that she didn’t normally venture into Walmart, opting instead to do pickup. “My kids don’t even know how to behave in Walmart,” she said as she walked the store’s aisles. “I don’t even know where things are.” She added that she wasn’t able to get any soap, and that an employee recommended she buy dish soap instead. Unsurprisingly, Jill didn’t look thrilled about the prospect of having to shower with a bottle of Dawn instead of regular soap.

The former Counting On star also said that she got the “evil eye” from other shoppers when they saw she was able to snag some Charmin. In the video, she made a point of clarifying that she only bought what her family needed and that she wasn’t “hoarding.”

In a blog post on her family’s website, Jill noted that Derick’s in-person law school classes had all been canceled and moved online. She wrote that their family was “counting our blessings and praying for safety, strength, and health for everyone here and around the globe.”