‘Counting On’: Looks Like the Youngest Generation of Duggars Are Putting on Pants to Rebel Against Jim Bob’s Biggest Rules

The younger generation of Counting On stars might be starting to rebel against Jim Bob Duggar’s biggest rules. Jim Bob has issued some strict edicts over the years, many of which reflect his conservative and religious viewpoints. While most of the Duggars have toed the line, a few of Jim Bob’s younger children are starting to reject his more stringent rules, starting with their fashion choices.

Counting On Jim Bob Duggar
‘Counting On’s’ Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar | Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

How many grandchildren does ‘Counting On’s’ Jim Bob Duggar want?

There was a time when Jim Bob reportedly said that he wanted 100 grandchildren. With 19 kids under his belt and many of them starting families of their own, he might reach that goal someday.

For now, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar boast 15 grandchildren and have more on the way. Eight of their children have tied the knot and have kids of their own. The one with the largest family is Josh Duggar, who recently announced his wife, Anna Duggar, is expecting their sixth child.

As Counting On fans are well aware, the Duggars enforce strict rules on all of their children. This includes protocols related to courtships, homeschooling, and even what they are allowed to wear.

These rules have stirred up controversies with fans for years, yet Jim Bob has always stood behind them.

While most of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children follow their guidelines, some of them have started to rebel against the family rules. The Duggars have not done anything too crazy, but some of them have started to wear clothes that Jim Bob and Michelle do not approve of.

Anna Duggar relaxes stance on jeans

The majority of the Counting On stars adhere to the family rules, but some of the younger generation have started to rebel against Jim Bob and Michelle. This includes Josh’s wife, Anna, who has been letting her daughters wear jeans.

Anna recently posted photos of her daughters, Mackynzie and Meredith, rocking jeans on social media. And in January of last year, Anna opened up about the fashion decision on social media and revealed she and Josh agreed it was appropriate.

“From the time Mackynzie has been a baby, I have always allowed our girls to wear jeans instead of leggings in the winter,” she explained.

Counting On fans have responded positively to Anna and Josh’s decision. After one of their latest posts, a fan complimented the couple for allowing their daughter “freedom of dress.”

According to Cinema Blend, Michelle has addressed the situation and admitted that her children sometimes have “different convictions.” She also revealed that she trusts that God is “leading them,” which is enough for her to accept their decision.

Michelle’s attitude towards wearing jeans is probably why Anna has not been afraid to share photos of her daughters wearing them. Jim Bob has yet to comment on the matter, but there does not seem to be a rift between him and Anna.

Will the younger generation of ‘Counting On’ stars ditch homeschooling?

Another one of Jim Bob’s biggest rules that are under threat is his decision to homeschool all of his children. Jim Bob and Michelle are against the public school system and did not encourage any of their children to attend college.

So far, all of Jim Bob’s children have followed his lead in the homeschooling arena. But as his grandchildren get older, there is a possibility that one or two of the younger generation will send their kids to public school.

The most likely couple to send their children to public school are Counting On’s Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. They recently moved to Los Angeles so that Jeremy could finish his degree at a seminary school and share one child together.

Jinger’s daughter is not old enough to go to school, but her father is clearly a fan of post-secondary education. We do not know if the couple plans on homeschooling their daughter, but it would not be a huge shock if they sent her to public school.

Counting On is expected to return to TLC sometime in 2020.