‘Counting On’: One Giant Hint That James Duggar is Courting

In May 2019, rumors swirled that Jason Duggar was the next Duggar boy headed down the aisle. Fans spotted the Duggar son standing dangerously close to a lady friend during a trip to Greece, and talks of a potential courtship took off from there. While fans anxiously awaited word of an impending marriage, it never came. Now it looks like we know why; the lady spotted with Jason might actually be courting his younger brother, James Duggar. The girl in question is none other than Kendra Caldwell’s younger sister, Lauren Caldwell.

Why do fans think James Duggar and Lauren Caldwell are dating?

James hasn’t gotten a ton of airtime on the Duggar family reality TV shows. He’s part of a group of younger boys who were too young to really contribute to 19 Kids and Counting. Now that Counting On focuses primarily on the married Duggar children, their input isn’t required either. James, however, has suddenly started making appearances on the show, most recently standing right next to Kendra’s little sister.

During a TLC Go special, Kendra and Joseph welcome their first daughter, Addison Renee. During the newborn’s meet and greet with family members, fans noticed that James and Lauren appeared to be standing awfully close to each other. An eagle-eyed Reddit fan also claims that there is a clip that shows James and Lauren holding hands, something that would be deemed inappropriate for a man and a woman who were just friends.

James, who turned 18 in July, is more than a year younger than his potential bride, Lauren. Lauren turned 19 in May 2019. Jason is technically closer in age to Lauren, as he turned 19 in April, but that doesn’t mean anything. Jessa Duggar is older than her husband, Ben Seewald. The couple shares three children.

Was there a love triangle between Lauren Caldwell and the Duggar boys?

If James is currently courting Lauren, he might not be the first Duggar boy to do so. The May 2019 rumors about Lauren and Jason beginning a relationship appeared to have some truth behind it. Not only were Jason and Lauren spotted together in Greece, but a tour guide who worked with the group referred to Jason and his “future bride” when speaking about her time with the missionary group.

Fans were so sure that a courtship was forthcoming, that they anticipated it would be announced during the season opener of Counting On. That didn’t happen, and rumors quickly died down, but that still doesn’t explain why a tour guide seemed so sure that Jason was courting Lauren.

There were rumors of a love triangle with Kendra, too

If a love triangle exists between James, Justin, and Lauren, it wouldn’t be the first time it reportedly happened. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Joseph may have stolen Kendra from his younger brother, Jedidiah Duggar. The Duggar family has never confirmed the rumor.

The Hollywood Gossip spoke with a former employee who claims that a relationship between Jed and Kendra once existed, but during the courting phase Joseph took a liking to her. Apparently, he bumped his younger brother out and stole his girlfriend. Joseph later proposed to Kendra at Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding, and the couple also stole Jessa Duggar’s thunder when they announced their second pregnancy at her gender reveal party.

Jedidiah has seemingly recovered. While he isn’t currently courting, he is looking to make a name for himself in politics. Jedidiah is now running for a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives. If he is to be believed, he is also the first Duggar who has left the family compound before getting married. Jed claimed, during an interview with KNWA, that he no longer lives at the family’s Arbor Acres Avenue home.