‘Counting On’: One of Jill Duggars’ Instagram Comments Reignites Courtship Rumors

Jill Duggar’s Instagram activity has some fans believing that a courtship is in the making. While Jill is already married with two kids, there is one Duggar girl whose fans are desperate to see in a white gown. Jill’s activity on Instagram could indicate that wedding bells are forthcoming, or maybe she’s just not great at picking the right emoji for an occasion. Let’s break down what happened on the photo-sharing platform.

Jill’s Instagram comment has fans talking

Jill spends a lot of time on Instagram. Between posts about following Derick around, and snapshots of dubious-looking food, she likes to comment on other people’s pictures. Her most recent comment was spotted on Josie Balka’s Instagram page. Josie is the daughter of Kelly Jo and Gil Bates.

In the comment, Jill compliments Josie and her husband, before asking them to spend some time in her neighborhood. There is nothing too weird there. After all, the Duggars and the Bates family have been friends for years. Fans, however, are going wild over the fact that Jill hinted that some of the Bates boys have been spending a lot of time in the Arkansas area. She wrote, “y’all are so adorbs! Let us know if you ever make it to NW Arkansas…hitch a ride with one of your bros lol.” She ended the comment with a double heart emoji.

Fans are speculating that the double heart emoji might be hinting at a courtship. The only Duggar girl who is currently of courting age is Jana. Since Lawson Bates is the eldest single Bates boy, and Jana is the only single adult Duggar girl, fans assume the pair might be romantically linked. The double heart emoji seemingly lends credence to the rumor for some fans, but we all know Jill’s emoji game isn’t all that strong.

Does Jana really want to get married?

Jana is a lot different than her younger sisters, even if it doesn’t seem like it upon first glance. The five oldest Duggar girls all look pretty similar. They all seem to have the same ultra-conservative Christian values, and they grew up incredibly close. That doesn’t mean they all think the same, though.

Jana seems to have quietly deviated from the traditional path several years ago without anyone noticing. While Jill, Jessa, and Jinger all seemed pretty confident that they saw themselves married within five years when asked about their futures years ago, Jana was a lot more unsure. She said that maybe she’d be married or perhaps she’d meet the right guy, but it seemed very up in the air.

While plenty of fans assume Jana is desperate to tie the knot and begin a family, A subsect of Duggar followers strongly believes that Jana has chosen not to get married. They think that the reality TV star doesn’t have a shortage of suitors, but she’s purposefully turning them away because she isn’t about that life

So, is Jana actually courting a Bates boy?

It has been rumored that Jana is courting Lawson for years. The country singer has been close friends with the family for more than a decade, and he does happen to pop up around Northwest Arkansas pretty regularly. The odds of Lawson and Jana getting together, however, seems slim.

Lawson is a couple of years Jana’s junior and seems to be enjoying the single life. The pair actually appear to be friends, but Lawson seems to show up at the Duggar family compound to hang out with the guys. Lawson, as well as several of his brothers, are friendly with Josiah, Joseph, and John-David Duggar.

The rumors have been swirling for years that the two were about to get together. Anyone who knows the Duggar family knows that they like to race down the aisle. If the pair were actually romantically linked, they would have been married long ago. The fact that no announcement has been made suggests that the relationship is just a friendly one.