‘Counting On’: One Surprising Way Jinger Duggar is Completely Different From Her Famous Family

Jinger Duggar is officially a resident of Los Angeles. With more miles between herself and her famous, super-sized family, it looks like the mother of one is entirely free to be herself.  Fans always had an inkling that Jinger was going to be the one to forge her own path and break free from the family, and it looks like their premonitions are coming to pass. The reality TV personality was snapped by paparazzi running some errands, and she proved she’s completely different from the Duggar clan with one photo.

Jinger shops at Trader Joe’s

Jinger grew up in a world were canned food was the norm. Jill Duggar spends her days uploading inedible food pictures to her Instagram, and recently received backlash for what was in her cupboards. Jinger, however, seems to be keeping things natural.

Trader Joe’s is known for carrying health-conscious goodies and organic vegetables. If Jinger is shopping in the fresh-format grocery chain, she’s probably not stocking up on cream of chicken soup cans. Fans were surprised and delighted to see that Jinger, Jeremy, and baby Felicity seems to be rolling in fresh fruits and veggies.

She’s rocking pants and blonde locks

What Jinger puts in her body isn’t the only change. What she puts on it has some fans surmising that she’s completely broken away from her Duggar family upbringing. In the recent photo, Jinger is rocking a fashionable pair of jeans, high top sneakers, and a tee-shirt. Suddenly, the married TV personality looks every bit her age, something that just wasn’t happening while she was living back at home with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

The changes aren’t only happening now that she’s added additional mileage between herself and her hometown. Before making the move from Laredo to Los Angeles, Jinger debuted Blonde hair. Her new ‘do blew the minds of fans and internet observers. She is the first Duggar lady to go for such an extreme hair makeover.

Fans are pretty sure Felicity won’t be homeschooled

How Jinger and Jeremy are choosing to raise their daughter also sets them apart from the crowd. While Anna Duggar is toiling away homeschooling her five children while pregnant with her 6th, Jinger appears to be enjoying being a mother of one. Fans are pretty sure she won’t be homeschooling like her siblings and siblings-in-law. Jeremy and Jinger haven’t commented on their education plans for their young daughter just yet, though.

Jeremy is perhaps the most educated Duggar family member right now. Attending traditional school for his junior and senior years of high school, he later went on to college. While Jeremy notes he “sinned” in those environments, the college-educated pastor seems to take school seriously. He’ll likely want to see his offspring attend college, which means traditional schooling will likely be required, at some point.