‘Counting On’: The 1 Piece of Clothing Duggar Critics Hate Most — and It’s Not the Skirts

The Duggar family was raised very differently from most families. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar opted to raise their kids with some very strict rules and values. And for the girls, there were also some very strict clothing rules.

Critics of the show have been outspoken about their issues with the Duggars’ lifestyle, but there is one clothing accessory they particularly dislike — and it’s not the girls’ skirts.

Jessa, Jinger, Joy, and Jana Duggar
Jessa, Jinger, Joy, and Jana Duggar | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have plenty of rules for their kids

When Michelle and Jim Bob started raising their family, they decided to implement a number of rules for the kids to follow. They wanted their children to be as pure as possible, which meant they had to shelter them from pretty much everything mainstream. The kids were not allowed to watch television or freely browse the Internet.

The children could not dance or listen to mainstream music, as it could promote feelings of promiscuity. Michelle homeschooled all of her children, which meant they mostly interacted with people from their church or homeschool program; it allowed Michelle and Jim Bob to keep tabs on their friends.

The daughters were only allowed to wear skirts growing up

Michelle wasn’t born into a very religious family. Upon meeting Jim Bob, the two decided to implement some dress code rules into their own family. Michelle began wearing only skirts and long dresses, and she instructed her daughters to do the same.

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Pants, tank tops, and other tight or exposing clothing was seen as dishonest, meaning the girls could create thoughts in boys’ heads that they then could not fulfill. Up until the daughters wed, they were only allowed to wear denim skirts or long dresses; they could not wear bathing suits, either, so beach days were out of the question. Once they were married, they had a little more room to define their own rules.

Fans absolutely hate the bows that the Duggars put on their little girls

These days, most of the women in the family still abide by the dress code rules. Jill and Jinger Duggar have expanded to wear pants, and Jessa Duggar was caught wearing pants once. But for the most part, the women all stick to the skirts and dresses rule.

Those who follow the family have seen the Duggar couples welcome various little babies into the world. And their trademark move for little girls is to put large bows on their heads. Critics of the show have grown to loathe the bows and often post Reddit threads expressing their distaste for the clothing accessory.

Critics have called out many of the Duggars’ lifestyle choices

The obsession with bows isn’t the only thing Duggar critics have called out when it comes to the family’s lifestyle choices. They often question their lack of jobs, whether or not Jim Bob pays for their lifestyles, or why none of them choose to break free of their family’s grasp.

People did give Jill Duggar some credit for enrolling her son in public school, and now, her rebellious actions have made Jill somewhat of a fan favorite. Critics certainly have strong negative feelings toward the family, but for some reason, the bows take the cake.