‘Counting On’: The Real Reason Jedidiah Duggar Joined Instagram — And It’s Not Because He’s Courting

For several years now, fans have started to learn that when members of the Duggar family join Instagram, it usually means they’ve entered into a courtship. Recently, Counting On star Jedidiah Duggar launched an account, and fans couldn’t help but wonder if it meant he might be walking down the aisle soon. However, it’s clear now that there is another reason Duggar is on the social media platform — and it has nothing to do with a courtship.

Jedidiah Duggar
Jedidiah Duggar | Jedidiah Duggar via Instagram

Duggar is the family’s most eligible bachelor

The Duggars tend to marry young, and they don’t date the way most modern Americans do. Rather, they enter into courtships, which are relationships that are meant to end in marriage (of course, if there is truly no attraction, the courtships might end). The point of the courtship is to make sure that two people aren’t wasting each other’s time and both want the same outcome. Duggar is 20 years old alongside his twin brother, Jeremiah, and people have been waiting for one of them to announce a courtship.

He recently joined Instagram, which led many to think he was courting

Duggar recently joined other members of his family in deciding to get on Instagram. Of course, fans who have followed the Duggars for years know that when someone joins Instagram, it’s a strong sign that they’re courting. When Duggar joined the social media platform, there were instant rumors that he had met the one. However, fans thought the same about Jana Duggar when she joined back in January, only to learn that she still isn’t courting. And now, fans have begun to realize there is a different reason Jedidiah Duggar joined the app.

Duggar actually joined because he’s running for public office

Several posts in, it’s become clear that Duggar isn’t courting — he actually joined Instagram because he’s running for public office. On November 3, Duggar announced his candidacy for Arkansas State Representative District 89 in Springdale, Arkansas. “I’m a conservative. Pro-Life. Pro Second Amendment. Pro Religious Liberty,” Duggar wrote in the caption. “Combat the Opioid Crisis. Lower Taxes. More Jobs & Growth. Strong Economy,” he added.

Those who follow the Duggar family will find it no surprise that Duggar has ultra-conservative values. However, he did take a few hits from fans who weren’t crazy about his strict stances. “I stopped reading at prolife [sic] & conservative,” one user commented. “Religious liberty or Christian liberty?” someone else asked rhetorically.

Not everyone in the family has vocally supported him

Though Duggar has received vocal support from some family members, not all of them have directly endorsed him. Jill Duggar commented on his photo to wish him luck. Jana Duggar posted a photo to her own Instagram profile voicing her excitement for her little brother. However, none of the other Duggars have posted photos endorsing his campaign. It’s possible, though, that Duggar doesn’t want to use reality television as a platform for the election, so he might have asked that not everyone vocally support him right away. Arkansas tends to be an overall conservative state, but it’s unclear yet what Duggar’s chances are of winning the election.