‘Counting On’: Rumors Suggest That the Duggar’s Trip to the Bahamas Was Far From Helpful

The Duggar family flew into the Bahamas shortly after Hurricane Dorian ravaged the islands. The family documented their time on the Island through social media and appeared to be giving themselves much credit for a job well done. While the Duggar family and several members from the Bates family are back stateside, reports are surfacing that the family might have been more harmful to relief efforts than helpful. They also have gone radio silent about the trip, leading to massive speculation.

One outside volunteer alleges the Duggar family was insufferable

An alleged volunteer working with a different organization took to social media to share his experience dealing with the Duggar family during the crisis. The volunteer, who is posting under the name James G. Lea claims that the family was carrying handguns and commandeering supplies from the staging area.

Hurricane Dorian damage
Great Abaco Island, Bahamas | Photo by Jose Jimenez/Getty Images

Lea goes on the report that the Duggar boys and their friends used their know-how to get a golf cart up and running but then refused to allow any other organization to use it. He also claims the team managed to get air conditioning functioning in a single building, but later denied access to that building to others, including a 70-year-old woman.

Lea’s account has not been verified, but he did share pictures that show he was on the ground when the Duggar family was there. Lea posted a photo that appears to show John David Duggar hassling others and acting belligerently. Lawson Bates was also named as a problem during the trip. Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband, Austin Forsyth, left the relief trip several days early, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

The Duggars have been quiet about the trip since getting home

The Duggar family is nothing if not active on social media. The supersized family tends to document everything they do, and if they had a super successful relief trip, most would assume they’d share information and pictures from the experience. That did not happen this time.

In fact, the last mention of the trip occurred on Joy-Anna’s Instagram page. She shared a snapshot of herself and her husband, Austin, hugging upon his return. Captioning the picture to let fans know Austin was back in Arkansas, Joy-Anna left it at that. She has not mentioned the trip since. Although several pictures have been posted to a business page.

Jana Duggar, who took part in the trip, never shies away from a photo opportunity. While she shared two snapshots from her time in the Bahamas, she shared little else about the relief mission. Jana, the only adult Duggar daughter who hasn’t gotten married, was seemingly the single female on the trip. She was suspiciously left out of the family’s group shot when they arrived in the storm-ravaged region.

Fans are taking issue with the family’s use of the term ‘Medic’

Long before word slipped out that all had not gone well in the Bahamas, several fans have taken issue with the name the family gave to their disaster relief company. Reddit fans have noted that the family has registered two new businesses that seem to be linked to their aviation fleet. Medic Corps is the company name they were working under in the Bahamas.

According to internet sleuths, Medic Corps is an LLC that was incorporated by John David. Allegedly, the second oldest Duggar boy has plans to provide medical transport. The issue taken by Duggar critics stems from the fact that any medical help the young Duggars could provide is limited. While Lawson Bates has some training as an EMT, the majority of the relief group has no medical training whatsoever. John David’s wife, Abbie Burnett, is a licensed nurse, but the now-pregnant bride stayed behind in Arkansas for the trip. Jana has some midwife training, but her ability to provide any medical help is dubious at best.