‘Counting On’: Season 10 Might Be the Most Dramatic Season Yet

Anyone who watches Counting On knows that every season is filled with its own set of drama. But TLC just released the trailer for season 10, and it looks like it will be different from all the rest. From births to deaths, and plenty of tears in between, Counting On season 10 is fit to be the show’s most dramatic season yet.

The Duggar family
The Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

This season, there are more pregnancies than ever before

One of the first things the new trailer highlighted was how many Duggar women are expecting. 2019 has been the year of the babies — and primarily, the year of the baby girls. Earlier this year, Jessa Duggar announced she was expecting her third child with Ben Seewald, and plenty of other pregnancies followed. Anna, Joy, Kendra, and Lauren Duggar all announced pregnancies as well. In the trailer, the pregnant women are doing a photoshoot when Abbie Duggar pulls up and says, “Hey girls, can I join your shoot?” — shocking everyone with her own pregnancy announcement.

Jessa Duggar’s dangerous birth is highlighted

When Jessa Duggar’s water broke, it came as a shock to her and Seewald; she previously said that her first two boys were both late, so she never expected her daughter to arrive early. And the birth is captured on the show, though that part of the trailer isn’t easy to watch. Jessa is writhing in pain as she prepares to deliver her child, and after she gives birth, she won’t stop bleeding. “I say, let’s go [to the hospital],” Seewald can be heard saying. “Let’s get 911,” someone else says; it’s unclear if it was a midwife or someone from the Counting On crew. Jessa is then wheeled off on a stretcher.

The ‘Counting On’ Season 10 trailer

The show captures the pain and grief from the loss of Jim Bob Duggar’s mother

One of the most tragic moments for the Duggar family this year came when they suddenly lost Grandma Mary Duggar, Jim Bob’s mother, in an unthinkable accident. Mary drowned after falling into a pool on a Sunday afternoon after church. “I got a call and Deanna said, ‘… Come over quickly; Mom has passed away,’” Jim Bob recalled in the trailer. “You just never know how much longer we’ll have,” Michelle Duggar added. The trailer shows tears flowing as the children, both older and younger, can’t help but cry during their grandmother’s funeral.

Jinger Duggar tears up when she’s confronted about tensions between her and her mother

Jinger Duggar has become the Duggar family’s biggest rebel; she’s made some decisions that, rumor has it, have affected her relationship with her mother. And in the new trailer, Duggar explains that she went on a hike with her husband and chose to wear pants. “There is a lot in the media saying there is conflict between you guys,” a producer says to Jinger and her mother. The camera then shows Jinger tearing up as her mother smiles at her. It’s unclear if she’s crying tears of joy or sadness, though either way, it looks like it was a harder decision for Jinger to decide to wear pants than any of us realized.

The new season of Counting On premieres on Tuesday, October 15 on TLC.