‘Counting On’: Several Duggars Have Been Working to Distance Themselves From Their Famous Family

If the Duggar family thought 2019 was going to be their year, they might need to rethink it. With news of  a federal raid on at least one of the family’s businesses, fans are eagerly awaiting further details. While the world waits to find out precisely what is going on in Northwest Arkansas, some of the Duggar kids have been busy making moves, and the movements are highly suspicious. More than one Duggar has seemingly attempted to distance themselves from the family, just as a scandal appears to be in the making.

Derick and Jill Dillard are putting physical distance between themselves and the Duggar family

Emotional space is one thing, it looks like the Derick Dillard and his wife, Jill, have gotten that in excess recently. Not only have the pair set off on their own, but they both appear to be on the outs with the Duggar family. The married couple, however, seemingly placed some physical space between themselves and the developing Duggar situation, too.

Over the weekend of Nov. 16, Derick and Jill left their Arkansas resident in search of a bit of peace and quiet. The pair dropped their two sons, Israel, 4, and Sam, 2, off with Derick’s mother, and hit the road. They spent the weekend in Little Rock. While they claim they wanted to spend some quality time together, the timing does seem coincidental. The impromptu trip took place just as agents from the Department of Homeland security were raiding a Duggar-owned car lot.

Derick took to Twitter earlier in the month to shade both Jim Bob Duggar and TLC. Fans are assuming his tweets, which indicated that a “storm was coming,” are somehow related to the current developing situation. Derick has remained pretty quiet about the family since then, but fans can’t help but wonder if he didn’t have a helping hand in what is currently going on.

Jedidiah claims he doesn’t live with his family

Jedidiah Duggar was the first Duggar to speak out regarding the alleged raids on the family’s compound. While the family has always appeared to be dangerously close to one another, so much so that none of the Duggar kids can so much as leave the house without an accountability partner in tow, Jedidiah claims he doesn’t know anything about the ongoing situation.

Jed, who recently announced he’s running for a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives, attempted to put so much distance between himself and his family, that he even claimed he doesn’t live with them. Jed’s statement to KNWA, a local news station, was so outlandish that fans are still talking about it.  For those not in the know, the Duggar kids never move out until they are married. Jedidiah is currently single. He’s not particularly old either. It would be interesting that at 20-years-old he’s left the compound, while his 29-year-old sister, Jana remains in the girl’s dorm.  

Amy Duggar is acting like she barely knows the family

Amy Duggar, the only Duggar cousin on the family’s paternal side, has been seemingly close to her cousins and aunt and uncle for years. She was featured on 19 Kids and Counting several times, and the Duggar girls were regularly stopping into her clothing boutique to pick up clothes. Amy either faked her familial connection for years, or she’s currently lying about the family’s relationship to distance herself from the current scandal.

Just as news broke that federal agents were spotted in the area, a fan took to Amy’s Instagram page to question her about the family’s situation. Amy never said the allegations were untrue. Instead, she claimed she wouldn’t know anything about them if the reports did happen to be factual. Fans aren’t buying it, though. For a family that all lives in the same small area, the news would travel fast, and Amy most likely would be privy to the current situation. It seems like she just doesn’t want any part of it.