‘Counting On’: Several Duggars Were Spotted at a Church Gathering, Despite Coronavirus Concerns

Not all of the Duggars are taking social distancing seriously, at least not when it comes time to worship. While a few members of the Duggar clan have posted about keeping their distance during the pandemic, family followers note that the majority have stayed quiet, leading critics to theorize that they are not abiding by strict regulations. Recent photos may suggest their assumptions were right. Several of the Duggar kids, many of whom don’t live together, were spotted attending church services together.

Jason Duggar, as well as several of his siblings, were spotted at church services

Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray, a Facebook group dedicated to discussing the Duggar family, recently posted pictures showing several of the Duggars taking part in church services. In one photo, Jason Duggar is seen speaking on stage, alongside Paul Caldwell. Paul is the father of Kendra Caldwell. Kendra married into the Duggar family in 2017. While the photos are not dated, family critics believe the snapshots were taken in April 2020.

Jason isn’t the only Duggar who appears to be in attendance, either. Monsters & Critics note that Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson appear to be present in the pictures, as well as Joshua Duggar and his wife, Anna Duggar. Arkansas does not currently have a ban on church services. They are considered essential, in the state, during the pandemic.

The Duggars were also slammed for hosting a family night

Shortly after strict distancing instructions were put in place for much of the country,  the Duggar family took to social media to share a family event. Family events are not uncommon for the Duggars. Austin Forsyth noted, in a recent YouTube video, that the Duggar family gets together every Monday evening at the family’s Springdale, Arkansas compound. Critics, however, think the family should have suspended the gatherings considering the nation’s current health emergency.  

The meeting, which included at least 18 people, many of whom do not currently reside together, went against all medical advice, although it didn’t exactly flounce state rules. At the time of the gettogether, Arkansas did not have any social distancing protocols put in place. The state was among the last in the country to enact distancing rules to combat the Coronavirus.

The photos further the narrative that Jason Duggar is currently courting a Caldwell

While many people are concerned about Jason taking part in church services during the pandemic, family followers can’t help but wonder what his involvement actually means. Jason is pictured front and center on stage, suggesting he has a pretty large role in the weekly services. Does a significant role at Pastor Caldwell’s service indicate that Jason is courting one of the Caldwells?

Rumors have been swirling for months that Jason is currently involved with Lauren Caldwell. Lauren and Jason, both 19, were spotted together in Greece last year. Later, it was rumored that Lauren was dating a different Duggar boy. Fans noticed that Lauren and James Duggar were looking a little close. With Jason’s current involvement with the family’s church, perhaps a courtship is back on.