‘Counting On’: Some are ‘Nervous’ About Joe and Kendra Duggar’s Parenting In Recent Photo of Their Daughter

Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell have become two of the more well-known cast members on Counting On, now that they’re both older. Joe married Kendra back in 2017, and there has been a lot of speculation that the two could end up having more kids than Michelle and Jim Bob. But a recent photo posted to the Caldwell family’s Instagram account has some critics concerned about Joe and Kendra’s parenting.

Joe and Kendra Duggar
Joe and Kendra Duggar | LittleDuggarFamily via Instagram

Joe and Kendra started a family at a very young age

When Joe and Kendra started courting, she was 18 and he was 22. The two had grown up close, and Kendra had even made appearances on Counting On in past years. They were always family friends, but the age gap between them meant nothing turned romantic for quite a while. Once they started courting, though, things moved quickly.

The two became an official couple in March 2017, and by May 2017, Joe was ready to propose. He asked Kendra to marry him at his sister Joy Duggar’s wedding, and he and Kendra tied the knot in September 2017. Then, nine months later, the two welcomed their first son, Garrett — they wasted no time starting a family. The two announced their second pregnancy before Garrett’s first birthday; their daughter, Addison, was born in November.

Fans think they might have more kids than Joe’s parents

Right now, Joe and Kendra have earned the top spot when it comes to which Duggar couple will have the most kids. The two seem to move quickly, considering they welcomed two kids in just over two years of marriage. Kendra comes from a large family, too. She has eight siblings, and her mother was only 19 when she was born. (Surprisingly, Kendra’s mom is only 14 years older than Kendra’s husband.)  

Some are concerned after a photo shows their daughter wearing jewelry

The Caldwell family recently posted a photo to their Instagram account, which showed Addison wearing a dainty bracelet on her left hand. Though the jewelry looked cute, it might not be the best idea for a baby to be wearing a piece of jewelry that can be slipped on and off — and critics of the family were quick to notice.

Fans don’t think it’s safe that Joe and Kendra’s daughter wears jewelry.

“Why does Kendra insist on her 6 month old wearing jewelry?” one person posted to Reddit. “It makes me so nervous. There is nothing stopping that baby from snapping that bracelet off and shoving a bead up her nose,” someone else wrote. “If they’re lucky. Or she’ll just swallow it and choke to death,” another person replied, referring to the bracelet up the nose.  “… All I could think of was how quickly a baby would shove them down their throat,” someone else added.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the two announce another pregnancy this year

Joe and Kendra seem to be loving life with their two little ones, but fans wouldn’t be surprised if the two were next to announce a pregnancy. Given that Kendra became pregnant on her honeymoon and that they were pregnant once more before their baby’s first birthday, it’s possible that they won’t waste any time announcing baby no. 3, either. It’s possible the two might even make another pregnancy announcement before the end of the year.