‘Counting On’: The Criticism of Jill Duggar’s Kama Sutra Post Continues

Jill Duggar is still dealing with backlash from one of her Instagram posts. The married mother of two thought she was sharing a simple series of pictures from her trip to Silver Dollar City. There was more to it, though. A lot was going on in the photos, and followers have taken to picking apart one specific photo. Jill attempted to squelch the drama with a note attached to her original post, but it seems like that’s only making things worse.

Why did fans have a problem with Jill’s original post?

Jill took to Instagram to share photos from her recent anniversary trip. The romantic trip to Branson, Missouri, seemingly culminated in some private bedroom fun. Jill decided to document the event by showing a photo of an adult-themed game, and a copy of the Kama Sutra. Fans who share the Duggar’s religious views took issue with the couple using the ancient text.

Followers who don’t share the Duggar family values, however, were bothered by the nature of the post. Some followers were creeped out by Duggar’s openness about her sex life with Derick. Others believed the inclusion of the Kama Sutra was cultural appropriation.

Jill’s clarification has some fans thinking she’s homophobic

After much backlash, Jill double-backed to the post and added a note to her lengthy caption. The former Counting On star noted that the version of the book they were using was a “cleaner” version. She also alleged that she and her husband are not recommending the use of the book. There was one section of her note that had some fans thinking the mother of two is homophobic. She said, “We believe marriage is ordained by God and husbands and wives should filter everything they read and hear together through the lense of the Bible and not practice anything unbiblical. The little book pictured is a modern, smaller, cleaner, edited version that doesn’t focus on spiritual aspects, homosexual, or other extramarital relationships.”

Fans took severe issue with the note, pointing out that the couple is picking and choosing what they think is “right” about a sacred text. The section of Jill’s amendment to her caption about homosexuality being removed, thus making it “cleaner”, has some followers hopping mad.

Derick Dillard has a history of homophobic views

Derick Dillard has been lambasted online for homophobic rants, too. The controversial father of two was jettisoned from the Duggar family television show after he took to Twitter to bully Jazz Jennings. Jennings is a transgender teen who also appears on a TLC reality TV show.

In April 2018, Derick once again incurred the wrath of the internet when he posted about Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. He called the married couple and their young daughter a “travesty of a family”. In June 2018, Dillard once again shared his views by celebrating a Supreme Court decision. The decision allowed a bakeshop to discriminate against gay couples, according to In Touch.