‘Counting On’: The Difference Between Jinger Duggar and Joy-Anna’s Lifestyles are Startling

Joy-Anna Duggar and Jinger Duggar might have grown up in the same ultra-conservative Christian household. They might be sisters who remain close, despite the physical distance between them, and they star on the same hit reality TV show, but the similarities in their lifestyles appear to end right there. Fans have noted that Jinger and Joy-Anna are very different in two important ways; their housing situation and their use of cash. So, why are the famous siblings living such different lives?

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth still live in a trailer

It looks like Joy-Anna, her husband and their young son are still residing inside a trailer. The couple operates a house flipping business and have been hard at work recently. Joy-Anna, 21 and Austin, 25, married in 2017 and immediately moved into a trailer while they worked on their business together.

The living situation was supposed to be temporary, but two years later, it looks like they are still calling the trailer home. Eagle-eyed fans on Reddit noticed a recent snapshot of Gideon was taken from inside the trailer, indicating that the family is still living in the cramped quarters.

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The young couple also keeps their free-time pretty lowkey, leading some to wonder if they are experiencing financial hardship. That, however, is unlikely, but they may be especially careful with their money thanks to their upbringings.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are living it up in Los Angeles

Jinger is officially an LA lady, and she’s acclimating just fine. Her dreams of living in a large city have come true, and she’s even got a stunning home to go with it. According to Radar Online, the house they are renting has an estimated value of around $700,000. Similar properties generally fetch approximately $4,000 each month in rent, meaning the Vuolos are shelling out a lot of money every month to stay in the epicenter of the entertainment world.

Before moving out to the west coast for a schooling opportunity, the family was living comfortably in a house in Laredo, Texas. Even their first apartment together appeared to be luxurious in comparison to Joy-Anna’s current digs.

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo
Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar | Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

The differences don’t stop there, either. Jeremy and Jinger appear to enjoy nice clothes, a great cup of coffee and plenty of time out and about together. Joy-Anna and Austin, on the other hand, seem to spend the majority of their time hanging out at home or working at the Forsyth family camp.

Why are Jinger and Joy-Anna living such different lifestyles?

The difference in Jinger and Joy-Anna’s lifestyles probably has very little to do with the amount of cash available to them. Instead, it has everything to do with who they married. Because of the Duggar family’s staunch belief in a patriarchal head of household, the husband is given carte blanche to make financial decisions. In short, Austin and Jeremy get to make decisions about how their money is spent. Their own upbringings are likely playing into how they choose to utilize their incomes.

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Jeremy, although very religious, grew up in a decidedly average household. He has one sibling and attended regular schools before heading off to college to play soccer. He was never expected to share a bedroom or bathroom with a horde of siblings and likely didn’t suffer any food insecurity. Because of his upbringing, it looks like Jeremy is far more willing to shell out for creature comforts. That probably explains the couple’s hefty rent in Los Angeles.

Austin’s upbringing much more closely resembles that of the Duggars. His family is the outdoorsy type that owns a camp but strongly believes in saving money where and when they can. They also have aligned themselves with a controversial parenting method known as blanket training. Because of his family, Austin is likely to be more focused on saving his cash than laying it out for an expansive home and comfortable digs.