‘Counting On’: The Duggar Couples Might Be Taking PDAs Too Far

In Growing Up Duggar the Duggar girls didn’t shy away from the topic of sex. Sure, it might sound odd coming from a group of ultra-conservative Christian girls who, at that point, hadn’t ever been alone in the same room as a man, but apparently the topic came up off enough in the home for the girls to feel comfortable talking about it. According to their take, sex is a beautiful thing inside the confines of marriage, but outside of marriage, it brings nothing but disease and heartbreak. The Duggar girls’ view of sex might explain why there are so many public displays of affection between the Duggar couples, but fans are getting a little weirded out by it.

Jessa shared a weird picture of her parents

Jim Bob and Michelle are reigning king and queen of awkward PDAs. Fans of Counting On won’t soon forget Jim Bob embracing his wife from behind during mini-golf several years ago.  That wasn’t the couple’s first weird PDA, though. They’ve kissed, canoodled, and gave each other the bedroom eyes through several seasons of 19 Kids and Counting, too.

Back in 2014, Jessa shared an odd picture with her fans. The photo featured Jim Bob and Michelle locking lips. The caption suggests that the couple had texted the photo to their adult daughter to prove that they are keeping things fresh after 30 years together. While keeping things spicy is a topic of conversation for the Duggars lately, it’s probably not necessary to text your kids about it.

Jill and Derick share sex advice

Jill and Derick are seemingly busy trying to one-up their family. The couple who appear to have been ousted from the Duggar compound have shared enough kissing pictures to last a lifetime. They upped the ante more recently by dulling out sex advice.

Duggar friends and foes are all now aware that Jill and Derick are getting it on no fewer than five times a week if they are taking their own advice. Fans have also been treated to information about the love aids they use, and whether or not they believe in the use of birth control (spoiler: they may not be as against contraceptives as the rest of the Duggar family).

Jessa is all about the PDA, too

Jessa Duggar married Ben Seewald in 2014, and while she’s a bit more modest when discussing her sex life, she does share a fair number of public displays of affection. Several shots on her Instagram page show she and Ben getting close. She is also the one who likes to put her siblings and parents on blast by sharing their private moments, too.

Several other siblings, however, seem to keep the PDAs to a minimum, at least in the digital world. Joe Duggar and his wife Kendra are notoriously stingy with their social media sharing. Even Joy, who appears head over heels in love with Austin Forsyth, leaves the kissing snapshots to her private photo archive.