‘Counting On’: The Duggars Add The Strangest Things to Their Wedding Registries

Wedding registries have something of a bad reputation. While most couples happily register for gifts so friends and family will know what they want to set up their new home, it can come across tacky when heavily publicized.  The Duggar family has no issue with that. In fact, several of the young Duggars have found themselves in hot water with fans for publicly sharing their gift registries in an attempt to garner gifts from fans. When you check out their gift lists, however, things get a little bit weird. The young Duggars, who often marry before age 25, have registered for some interesting items.

Jill and Derick wanted duct tape

Jill and Derick are among the strangest couples that the Duggar family has produced, and their wedding registry seemingly depicted a couple of quirky characters. The controversial couple asked for duct tape on their wedding day, but they didn’t want just any old duct tape. Only the brightly colored, neon variety would do.

The majority of their registry was pretty mundane and basic, but the young couple curiously asked friends, family, and fans to gift them with a ton of fast food restaurant gift certificates. Their registry also included cereal, a rifle and ammunition, and lint removers, according to E! News.

John and Abbie are fans of casual dining and kitschy home décor

John Duggar and Abbie Burnett are the most recent Duggars to tie the knot. They share a penchant for casual dining eateries, too. The couple’s wedding registry was rather mundane. They asked for the basics like bedding, cookware and kitchen essentials, but just like the Duggars before them, their registry skewed a bit odd at points.

John and Abbie, just like Jill and Derick, requested plenty of food-related gift cards. Not only were they interested in sitting down at Buffalo Wild Wings and Chili’s, they also wanted guests at their wedding to gift them with Whole Foods gift cards. While Lauren Swanson, who married Josiah Duggar, is known for being gluten-free, Abbie also adheres to the restrictive diet. Whole Foods is the perfect place to find gluten-free goodies.

Abbie was also excited to put her mark on her home right away, too. She registered for a ton of home décor, mostly in a country style. Most of the décor was of the cursive, word art variety. John and Abbie are awaiting the arrival of their first child together.

Joy-Anna and Austin kept things outdoorsy with their wedding registry

Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth in 2017, and the couple clearly planned to enjoy a year of outdoor activities together. Joy-Anna announced her pregnancy shortly after the couple was married, so the camping problem was on hold for a bit, but they registered for the items regardless.

Along with countless cooking gadgets, Joy-Anna and her husband asked wedding guests to gift them with sleeping bags, tents, and headlamps, according to People. The pair’s kitchenware list was pretty lengthy, as well.  One has to wonder where they are putting all of their kitchen gadgets while living in a camper.