‘Counting On’: The Most Cringe-worthy Hashtags Used by the Duggar Family

The Duggar family hasn’t stopped growing. With three Duggar grandbabies added to the family in November 2019 and one joining the clan in January, a lot of pictures have been shared on social media. Social media, for the Duggars, isn’t just a way to connect their large family. It’s a business, too and none of the Duggars are shy about hashtags. There is one problem. The Duggars don’t seem all that educated on how to use them. Joy-Anna Duggar, Jill Duggar, and Anna Duggar all seem pretty invested in the use of hashtags on their Instagram profiles. Regardless of the reason behind their hashtag usage, some of their choices are pretty cringe-worthy. Have you noticed the usage of these weird hashtags?

Joy-Anna points out mundane information with her hashtags

Joy-Anna enjoys including her son’s name as a hashtag. While an entirely acceptable practice to many, some fans have noted that putting so much of Gideon’s life on Instagram and making it so easily searchable could be problematic. After all, the now 2-year-old didn’t give his permission to have his face plastered all over Instagram.

There are a few other hashtags that Joy-Anna seems to enjoy using. She has a habit of tagging family photos with #familytimeisthebesttime and #matchymatchy anytime Austin Forsyth and the couple’s son, Gideon, are dressed alike. She also uses #matchymatchy for photos that include other Duggar family members. Here is the problem; she uses the hashtag even when the subjects of the picture aren’t actually matching.

Jill’s husband hashtags make followers cringe

Jill is probably the most prolific Instagram poster out of all of her siblings. She often takes to the social media platform to share her daily musings, and unlike her siblings who currently participate in Counting On, it’s really the only way she connects with her following. Because she posts so often, she loves using hashtags, and many of them have something to do with her husband.

Followers have noticed that Jill works hard to make sure everyone knows she’s happy in her marriage. She regularly uses #besthubbyever and #besthubbyintheworld to drive the point home. While Jill and Derick Dillard do seem happy together, based on their social media presence, followers have tired of her insane use of the hashtag. It happens pretty often. Her most recent post about Derick, for example, included the hashtag because he filled up her gas tank. The use of the hashtags isn’t confined to her regular posts, either. They often crop up in Instagram stories, too.

Anna and Kendra are battling for the “Little Duggars” title

Anna Duggar has spent the last four years trying to convince her followers that she’s happy and totally over her husband cheating on her. Child after child, followers remain unconvinced though. In fact, most followers wonder exactly why Anna has chosen to stick it out with Josh Duggar, the father of her six children. Josh admitted to molesting several of his siblings, then was later outed as a serial cheater.

To make fans think she’s genuinely content, Anna uses #littleduggars on almost every photo she adds to her Instagram stream, just incase followers forget that her kids are Duggars. There is one problem, though. Kendra Caldwell is positioned to take over the hashtag. Kendra, who married Joseph Duggar in September 2017, has already commandeered the name as her Instagram username, and one can only assume that once Addison Duggar is old enough to take photos with her big brother, #littleduggars will be popping up in every caption.