‘Counting On’: The Mystery of Jedidiah Duggar’s Housing Situation

Jedidiah Duggar is allegedly striking out on his own in more ways than one. The 20-year-old Counting On star is currently running for a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives. He announced his intentions just days before rumors began swirling that the Duggar family was being investigated by a federal agency. In the face of the talks, Jedidiah made another announcement, albeit more subtly. He claims he doesn’t live at the Duggar family compound.  If he genuinely lives on his own, he would be the first Duggar child to strike out on an independent life without a spouse in tow. His actual living situation, however, remains a bit of a mystery. Let’s explore what we know.

Jed is running for a seat in the 89th district

Jed announced his candidacy in November 2019 on Instagram. He noted that he was running for a seat in the 89th district, attempting to defeat first-term democrat, Megan Godfrey. This would be Jed’s first attempt at a political career, but his father had previously held the same seat in the House of Representatives, according to Fox News.

While Jed is running to represent the 89th district, the Duggar family home isn’t located within the area. According to boundary maps, the Duggar family compound is nestled in the 80th district, instead. The 80th district is controlled by four-term republican, Charlene Fite.

It is generally not a requirement for a candidate to live in the district they are looking to represent, but, commonly, they do. Jed’s choice of seats might have something to do with his actual legal address. If that’s the case, he doesn’t live inside the spacious Duggar family home, but the family has never mentioned where he actually resides.

There are no properties linked to Jedidiah

While Jed might be 20 years old, he doesn’t yet have any property in his name. At least, he doesn’t have any property associated with him that is searchable. The Duggar family doesn’t seem to believe in renting properties. Instead, the family has been busy buying up dilapidated properties in and around their hometown. If Jed was living a solo life, one would assume a home would be in his name. None seem to exist, though.

The family generally flips the houses they buy or they rent them out to other families in the area. Jed may be residing inside one of the rental properties the family owns, meaning he’s not exactly out on his own. It’s also possible that Jed simply has his name linked to an alternative address while still residing insider the family home. Many Duggar family critics believe that is likely the case here.

Jed would be the first Duggar to move out before marriage

Jed’s decision to enter politics isn’t all that surprising, but his suggestion that he doesn’t live at home is. The young adult would be the first Duggar child to reside outside of his parent’s house before getting married. In fact, several Duggars owned properties they did not live in simply because they were not yet married. John-David Duggar, for example, held a property for several years before getting hitched. He continued to reside inside the family’s Arbor Acres Avenue address until his wedding day.

Jana Duggar, who is closing in on 30, continues to live with her parents and much younger siblings. She doesn’t have a suitor on the horizon, and it appears she’ll be living with the Duggar clan until marriage. Jill Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar, Josiah Duggar, Joseph Duggar, Jessa Duggar and Jinger Duggar all did not move out until they were married either.

If Jed is really living the bachelor life, away from the prying eyes of his parents, one has to wonder why. The Duggar kids have notoriously strict rules they must follow. Frankly, it doesn’t seem like they are allowed to leave the family property without an accountability buddy. Why would Jed be allowed to move out, while the other adult Duggar kids remain in the familial home? It’s a real mystery.