‘Counting On’: The Mystery of Jedidiah Duggar’s Living Situation Appears to Be Solved

Life seemed pretty busy for the Duggar family in November 2019. Not only did the family welcome three new grandchildren to their mega-family, but they weathered rumors of an FBI raid on their property. Jedidiah Duggar also announced he’d be running for public office ahead of the announcement of the rumored raids. In an attempt to distance himself from his famous family and their rumored legal troubles, Jedidiah claimed that he did not live at home any longer. Fans were stymied by the announcement, and many believed that Jedidiah was lying, but now it looks like the 20-year-old political contender might actually be living away from his famous family, making him the first unmarried Duggar to move away from the family’s compound.

Does Jedidiah Duggar live with his famous family?

During an initial property search, Jedidiah didn’t pop up as having a private address. In fact, he didn’t even appear to be linked to the Duggar family’s Arbor Acres Avenue address. Several of his siblings, however, were pretty easy to find. The lack of public information led many fans to assume that Jedidiah was lying about his new address, but it looks like there might be truth to his statements.

Josh and Anna bought a house last June on Graham Road….

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According to Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray, a Facebook group dedicated to snarking on the Duggar family, Jedidiah does appear to have an address that is located about 20 minutes from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s homestead. According to Zillow, the property, situated on Dandelion Street in Springdale, Arkansas, was listed for rent in September 2019 for $995 per month. The listing was removed the same month. Jedidiah doesn’t appear to own the property, nor does any member of his famous family.

Did Jedidiah Duggar rent a property just so he could run in the 89th district?

Many fans believe Jedidiah rented property to make it easier for him to run for a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives. While it’s not necessarily required for representatives to live in the district they are running in, more often than not the representative do live within the community they are representing. Whether or not Jedidiah actually lays his head down at the property each night remains unknown.

The representative that currently represents the Duggar family’s district seemingly has the area under lock. Charlene Fite, a Republican, has served four terms in the house so far, and it appears a fifth run will be unbeaten, too. Jedidiah will be going up against Megan Godfrey, a Democrat who is in her first term.

Jed’s new address startled fans

Jedidiah’s new address was a bit startling for fans. Not only is he the first Duggar to allegedly leave home before getting married, but he’s also the first Duggar offspring to do so without a love interest in sight. Jedidiah was supposedly interested in Kendra Caldwell, but his brother, Joseph Duggar, ended up marrying her. The couple now has two children together. Jedidiah has not been linked to a potential lady since.

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A second love triangle apparently may have existed between Jason Duggar and his younger brother, James Duggar. James is now rumored to be courting Lauren Caldwell, Kendra’s sister, although Jason was linked to the Caldwell sister in the spring of 2019. The Duggar family has not commented on any forthcoming courtships or Jedidiah’s allegedly new address since rumors began swirling. They’ve also stayed quiet about the reported federal investigation.