‘Counting On’: The One Way Joy-Anna Duggar is On Trend

Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, have received criticism for everything from how they are raising their son, to how they hold hands. Fans have taken to Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit, most recently to criticize the family’s living accommodations. Fans have questioned the family’s decision to live in a camper full-time, but in actuality, the couple is right on-trend. 

Why are Joy-Anna and Austin living in an RV?

Shortly after marrying Austin, Joy-Anna gave fans a glimpse into her living accommodations. She showed fans around her dusty, dingy and grimy little RV, and the world was horrified. Already pregnant, fans were curious as to why the couple was living in such a weird place. Surely, they thought, they could afford a home. 

Now, the couple has moved into a different RV, and this one is far more aesthetically pleasing. Fans, however, still want to know why the couple has chosen an alternative living accommodation. The answer seems to come down to finances and their current lifestyle. While the pair is busy flipping houses, it is easier and more economical to live in a camper, it seems. It also appears to make it easier for the couple to get up and go when necessary, 

Are Joy-Anna and Austin experiencing money trouble?

While some fans assume that the couple’s current living accommodations indicate that they are broke, the opposite is likely true. According to the Tiny Living Society, people who choose to live in small spaces, like an RV or a tiny house, are less likely to carry credit card debt. They also tend to have more money in savings and spend less money year over year. 

While Austin and Joy-Anna have avoided discussing their finances, their home-flipping business seems to be going just fine. The couple is in the midst of a renovation project right now, but it’s not for their own home. It looks like they have absolutely no plans to leave their camper behind right now.  

The move toward tiny houses is on the rise 

While many people dream of putting down roots and buying a big home to raise a family, there is a growing population that is showing greater interest in living small. Shows like Tiny House Hunters and the sustainability movement on YouTube has brought the concept of tiny living to the masses. 

Retro Campers
A row of three retro camper vans | Photo by: Getty Images

According to CNN, the demand for small living spaces is growing exponentially, and millennials are the people most interested in downsizing their living space. Austin and Joy-Anna are actually the target demographic for tiny living. While their growing family will likely pose a problem for tiny living at some point, as a family of three, their current space seems to fit them fine. 

If Austin and Joy-Anna decide to have as many kids as possible, however, a single camper won’t get the job done. For now, it looks like they are perfectly happy and, perhaps for the first time in their young lives, perfectly on-trend.