‘Counting On’: The Strange Reason Josh and Anna Won’t Be Naming Their Sixth Child After Grandma Mary

Josh and Anna Duggar announced that they are expecting a baby girl in late November. The second the gender of the family’s newest edition was revealed fans began speculating about what the name would or would not be. With the tragic passing of Josh’s grandmother, Mary, many fans had put their money on Mary as a name for the newest Duggar girl. After all, Josh, being the oldest, likely has dibs on honor names, and the timing of Mary’s passing seemed to basically beg the couple to use the name, but it looks like that is definitely not going to happen.

Why won’t Josh and Anna be honoring grandma Mary?

Josh and Anna have the perfect opportunity to honor grandma Mary. The family matriarch died suddenly and tragically, shortly after Josh and Anna announced they were having a little girl, but the couple assures fans it’s not going to happen.

Anna explained that while they would both love to honor the grandmother of 20, their daughter Meredith’s nickname makes it a hard choice. Allegedly, Meredith is often called Merry, which sounds pretty similar to Mary. While that never stopped the elder Duggars, it’s a roadblock for Anna.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have daughters named Joy-Anna and Johana. They also have three sons named Jeremiah, Jedidiah, and Josiah. While not precisely the same, the alliteration is strong within the sibling set.

Another sibling could still honor their late grandmother

Josh and Anna aren’t the only Duggar’s expecting to welcome daughters to their family. Joseph Duggar and his wife Kendra announced they are expecting a little girl in the fall. The couple, who are already parents to one son, are thrilled to be adding a daughter to the family. Joseph and Kendra opted for a family name for their son, Garrett, so it’s possible they could use Mary, as well. Garrett was the name of Michelle’s father.

Josiah Duggar and his wife, Lauren, are also expecting a little girl in the fall. The couple suffered a tragic miscarriage last year but are excited to be adding another baby to the Duggar family. Lauren and Josiah named the child they lost, Asa. Asa is a biblical name that can be used on both boys and girls. Considering the biblical nature of Asa, Mary would fit right in with the naming style, so it’s possible they will use Mary or another variation of the name to honor Josiah’s late grandmother.

What names are on the table?

The couple hasn’t revealed what they’ll be naming their newest addition, but everyone can rest assured that the newest Duggar will have a name that begins with the letter M. Josh and Anna agreed early on in their marriage that their children would follow a similar theme as the Duggar kids.

All 19 of the Duggar children have names that begin with the letter J. Eventually, the family started to get a bit creative. Jinger Duggar, for example, has been sentenced to a life of correcting the spelling of her name, and twins, Jeremiah and Jedidiah are practically interchangeable.

Josh and Anna are not nearly as far along in the naming game as Michelle, and Jim Bob got, but they still could be grasping at straws. Considering that the two girls in the family have names that are vastly different in style, anything could happen. Mackynzie, the family’s first child, has a trendy name with an even trendier “y” edition, while Meredith, the family’s fourth child, has a far more traditional and old-fashioned name. Michael, Marcus, and Mason all have traditional, strong male names.

Reddit fans think Mercy or Madelyn are likely on the table for the couple. Everyone, however, seems to agree that Madison is absolutely out of the question, considering Josh’s cheating scandal.