‘Counting On’: These Duggars Are Closer Than All the Rest

The Duggar family is unlike the average American family. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are extremely religious, and not believing in birth control led them to have 19 children. The kids have grown incredibly close through the years, but as they grow up, some are becoming closer than others. But the family recently revealed that these siblings are closer than all the rest.

The Duggar family
NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 11: The Duggar family visits “Extra” at their New York studios at H&M in Times Square on March 11, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra)

The Duggar children formed very strong relationships growing up

When the Duggar kids were young, they didn’t attend public school or play on sports teams the way most American kids did. Instead, they spent their time learning about religion. Michelle opted to homeschool all of her children, and as her oldest daughters grew up, they started to teach the younger kids, too. The children sometimes played sports to exercise, though they never joined any actual teams. Since there were so many kids, they all developed close friendships with each other; they still made friends at church but spent most of their time with siblings.

Some siblings have grown apart while others have grown closer

As the kids have gotten older, they’ve carved their own paths. Most of the older children are now married, and life has brought some closer and distanced others. Jill and Jessa Duggar used to be very close, though now it seems as though Jill doesn’t have the close relationship with her family that she once did. Jessa is living close to her parents, and with Jana still living at home, the two of them have formed a much closer bond. Jinger moved to California with her husband, and while she still has a great relationship with her parents and siblings, she hardly sees them compared to how often she once did.

The family revealed their five middle boys are closer than all the rest

On a recent episode of Counting On, we finally learned which Duggars have the closest relationship. Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James and Justin are all very close in age and have become the closest out of any of the siblings. The boys took a road trip to Pennsylvania together, where they bonded about courtships, jobs, and other grown-up topics. Jedidiah and Jerimiah are both 20, while Jason and James are 19 and 18, respectively. Justin is only 16, though he’s quickly growing up. Jackson, their other younger brother, didn’t attend the trip, though he is only 15; Michelle and Jim Bob might think he’s still a bit young to be off on his own like his siblings.

The boys might become more distant when they start to marry

On the show, the brothers were saying that they need to enjoy their bonding time while they can, since things tend to change once people start to get married. Right now, none of those younger men are courting, though with two of them being 20, anything is possible at any time. It seems that when the Duggars wed, their spouses become their whole life, and they don’t spend as much time with their siblings, so these boys are soaking up these times together while they can.