‘Counting On’: This Is Why Fans Are Desperate To See Derick Dillard Write a Book

There is a lot of hubbub around the Duggar family right now. While the family is celebrating the arrival of two new babies and waiting for the birth of two more, there is also some negativity bouncing around Northwest Arkansas. Derick Dillard is the one bringing the negativity, and he doesn’t seem to care who knows it. Between a recent Twitter tirade, and Jill’s carefully curated social media absence, fans believe a storm is brewing, and now they are desperate to see Derick write a book.

Derick’s Twitter tirade took aim at Jim Bob and TLC

Derick’s recent Twitter activity has piqued the interest of fans. While much of his Twitter feed consists of bible retweets and conservative political views, every so often, he mentions Jim Bob Duggar and the way the family was ousted from their TLC show. He’s been making comments for months, but until recently, the comments have been pretty subtle. Now, however, it looks like he’s ready to wage outright war.

His recent tweets have suggested that he plans to sue TLC at some point in the future. Derick has also claimed that some pretty underhanded dealings are going on between the family patriarch and the network. He alleges that Jim Bob negotiated contracts for his adult children without their knowledge, and has made himself the beneficiary of their paychecks, even though they are all adults who should be able to negotiate on their own behalfs.

Does Derick have dirt on the famous, supersized family?

The Duggar family is not immune to scandal. They’ve weathered two so far. Both have come at the hands of Josh Duggar, the family’s eldest son. Back in 2015, Josh’s molestation of his siblings was exposed. The incidents took place shortly before the family embarked on their television career. Soon after the scandal broke, it was revealed that Josh was cheating on his then-pregnant wife, and likely had been for much of their marriage. The family’s show was canceled due to the scandals, but quickly repackaged and rebranded.

AJ Calloway (L) interviews the Duggar family during their visit to "Extra" at their New York studio
AJ Calloway and the Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

While those two skeletons are out of the closet, fans believe there might be more hidden and that Derick has knowledge that could absolutely ruin the family once and for all. What those skeletons might be, however, is unknown. One Reddit user suggests that the dirt that Derick has may not be on the same level as Josh’s scandals, but might be enough to push the family over the edge. Their popularity has seemingly waned in recent years, meaning TLC might not be so quick to keep the media machine going if another misstep is revealed.

Could he really get a book deal?

In theory, Derick could get a book deal. Technically anyone can, as long as they have an exciting story to tell and can articulately put pen to paper. Someone like Derick, who clearly has an ax to grind and the notoriety to go with it, could likely land a deal, but whether a publisher would want to wade into legally ambiguous waters remains unknown.

Sidebar Saturdays notes that writing a tell-all or a memoir can have legal consequences in some cases. In Derick’s case, libel or defamation claims could potentially be made by the network or by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar themselves. The people he would write about also technically have a right to privacy. While they share their lives with the world on television, some more salacious details about their home life could fall under this claim, considering Derick has been privy to the goings-on of the family when the cameras aren’t rolling,