‘Counting On’: This Might Be the Real Reason All of the Duggar Kids Get the Chocolate Mess for Their Birthday Treat

The Duggar family spends a lot of birthdays at Marketplace Grill, a local eatery with two locations. While the grill is known for a few signature dishes, their claim to fame seems to be something called “The Chocolate Mess.” If you follow the Duggar family, you’ve seen more than a few photos of this crazy concoction. It’s mostly eaten by the family on birthdays. There might be one big reason why the kids all seem to pick this ice cream treat for their birthday, and it has nothing to do with the taste.

What is the Chocolate Mess?

The Chocolate Mess is precisely what it sounds like. It is a mess of chocolate, dripping messily down an ice cream sundae. The decadent dessert can only be procured from Marketplace Grill. It consists of a Sundae glass dipped in chocolate, then filled to the brim with ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream. The whole point of the dessert is to chip the chocolate off the glass to eat along with the ice cream.

All of the Duggar’s seem to enjoy the dessert immensely. Photos have emerged of everyone from Jill Duggar to Spurgeon Seewald indulging in the sweet treat. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have also photographed Jordyn Duggar and Justin Duggar enjoying the frozen birthday dessert, too.

The dessert is free on birthdays

When you are dealing with 21 birthdays in a single year, you have to get a bit creative about how you celebrate. After all, that means there is likely more than one birthday in a single month. According to In Touch, December, for example, is jam-packed with five Duggars’ birthdays. Austin Forsyth, who married Joy-Anna Duggar, is also a December baby. The supersized family isn’t wiping out a bakery cake for every celebration; that would get expensive.

What is pretty thrifty is taking advantage of free items for birthday celebrations. A lot of stores and eateries offer freebies on a person’s birthday, but most people don’t actually take advantage of the offers. Marketplace Grill is one such place. According to Trip Advisor, the Chocolate Mess that is so popular with the family is actually free on an individual’s birthday. Is that the reason the ice cream concoction is so popular with the Duggar clan? It could be.

Can the Duggar kids pick a different birthday treat?

The Duggars, on their official blog, have long claimed that the kids are free to opt for whatever they want for their birthday. Most of them seem to stick to the old classic, Marketplace Grill, and most fans seem to think picking a different restaurant wasn’t really an option for many of the older kids. After all, before the family became reality TV royalty, money seemed pretty tight. Many fans think the older Duggar kids suffer from food insecurity because of it. The younger kids, however, likely had a different experience.

The supersized family gathered a small group of siblings and extended family to celebrate Josie Duggar’s 10th birthday recently. Born a micro-premie, Josie has been hailed a miracle baby. Her status as the family baby has likely gotten her a bit more attention than her siblings, and it looks like the 10-year-old decided on a different birthday celebration than most of her brothers and sisters. Instead of stopping by The Marketplace Grill, the Duggars headed over to Cracker Barrel to enjoy lunch. Cracker Barrel also offers a free birthday dessert to its patrons on their special day, in case you were wondering.