‘Counting On’: This One Duggar is Missing From the Family’s California Vacation

The Duggar family is on the move. Well, at least they are on vacation. A large group of Duggars headed out to California, and their Instagram feeds suggest they are having a grand time. A few key Duggar faces are missing from group photos, though. Joy-Anna Duggar is conspicuously absent from snapshots. She’s spending her vacation elsewhere. Jill Duggar is also missing from the trip. She seems to be holding things down in Arkansas.

What are the Duggars doing in California?

The Duggar family, or at least a large portion of them, have taken the West Coast by storm. They’ve checked out everything there is to see in Hollywood, it seems. The reason for their trip, however, appears to be all about Jinger Duggar.

Jinger moved out to the West Coast over the summer. Jeremy Vuolo is currently attending school in the Golden State. They’ve been living it up ever since, and they seem more than happy to show the Duggar family around. Fans are a bit concerned, however, to see Jinger seemingly reverting back to her former style of dress as soon as her parents entered her time zone.

Jinger has worn her moniker of the family rebel well in recent years. Not only is she the only Duggar to have left Arkansas, but she has chosen to dye her hair and wear pants. Jinger is back to all skirts, all the time, now that the Duggar family is in the state, though.

Where is Joy-Anna Duggar?

Instead of joyriding through California with her parents and massive family, Joy-Anna has opted for a slightly more lowkey vacation. She is out and about in Colorado, awaiting the opening of elk season. Apparently, this isn’t the first time Austin has made the trip to hunt in the area, but it’s the very first time Joy-Anna has been welcome to come along.

While Joy-Anna is thrilled to be out in the wilderness with her husband, some fans are feeling a little uncomfortable with her activities. Several fans took to her Instagram page to denounce sport hunting, which is what Austin and his entourage are in Colorado to do.

Joy-Anna isn’t the only Duggar in Colorado, though. Jeremiah and Jedidiah Duggar both opted to hunt with Austin and his group. Jason Duggar, 19, also tagged along for the trip. Rumors have swirled in recent months that Jason is courting Lauren Caldwell. It is not known if the pair are actually dating, or if Lauren is on the trip.

Was Jill Duggar not invited to the getaway?

Jill Duggar, once the favorite child of Jim Bob Duggar, appears to be on the outs with her parents. Not only did she and her family miss the yearly pilgrimage to a homeschool conference in Big Sandy, Texas, but she’s completely absent from the family’s big trip out west. Fans have taken notice of her absence and added it to a long list of happenings that suggest there is a problem between Jill and her family.

The Duggar family visits 'Good Morning America'
The Duggar family | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

While it’s likely that she missed the trip because her husband, Derick Dillard, is in law school, some fans think it’s a sign that all is not right between Jill and her parents. It has been rumored that a rift between Jill and her family has deepened over the last year, and it’s likely due to their distaste for Derick.

Derick managed to get his entire family ousted from the reality TV world when he made homophobic comments towards Jazz Jennings. He has continued to speak out against the network that hosts the family’s show. One an assume that such behavior could make things a little awkward.