‘Counting On’: This One Photo of Josiah Duggar Has Fans Worried About Him

Something seems off in Josiah Duggar’s eyes, insist fans of the supersized family. Josiah, who married Lauren Swanson in 2018 is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the couple’s first child after experiencing the heartbreak of a miscarriage. It should be a joyous time for the pair, and it seems to be for Lauren. Josiah, on the other hand, is looking a bit haggard, leaving some fans concerned that he’s headed towards a life that isn’t really of his choosing.  One recent shot has fans worried, but there has been chatter about Josiah’s deadpan look for months.

Josiah’s personality seemingly changed overnight

Once upon a time, Josiah was known as a prankster who had a penchant for bowties and fun patterned shirts. That quirky personality seemed to follow him into adulthood, even during his first failed courtship. Fans, however, began noticing changes as soon as Josiah started to court  Lauren.

Just before his wedding, rumors swirled that the 23-year-old was more or less forced into marriage. According to an alleged insider, Josiah was caught with a secular Facebook page and was quickly paired up with Lauren. Lauren’s family and the Duggar family have known each other for years.

The moment courtship with Lauren was on the table, things seemed to get a bit tense for Si. One Reddit user suggested “I get a real sense of anger, depression, and repression from him. He is actually one of the kids I feel most sorry for and genuinely believe could have been a really good and fun person outside of his brainwashing. I just feel like he is ready to explode or break down at any time!”

Rumors suggest Josiah is headed for a breakdown

An insider reportedly agrees with Reddit users. A former employee allegedly spoke with The Hollywood Gossip in August 2019 and indicated that Josiah was on the verge of cracking. The former employee claims that Josiah was forced into a courtship when his beliefs began clashing with the expectations of his family.

In fact, it’s been rumored that the reality TV star began posting on Facebook under the name Matthew when his social media rights were revoked following his failed courtship. The Hollywood Gossip notes that while Matthew is Josiah’s middle name, it also happens to be the book in the bible. In fact, it’s the book that contains a quote often used to point out that Jim Bob’s penchant for wealth is in direct contrast to his alleged beliefs.

A recent picture has fans worried about Josiah

Lauren took to Instagram to share a recent snapshot of Josiah. While she surely meant to show fans how much fun they are having while they await the arrival of their daughter, fans saw something else entirely. Josiah is looking forced and a bit haggard in the photo.

The 23-year-old has bags under his eyes and his forehead appears to be prematurely wrinkled. The tired look is a fairly new development, too. Fans note that while dark bags are often attributed to partying in 20-somethings, Josiah is doing none of that. Drinking, clubbing, and college are strictly prohibited in the Duggar’s world. They are left wondering what is leaving Josiah looking so sleepless.