‘Counting On’: Viewers Are Convinced Justin Duggar Is Never Coming Back to Arkansas — But Is He Breaking Away?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s son, Justin Duggar, just announced his engagement to Claire Spivey. Duggar and Spivey had been courting throughout the pandemic, and shortly after Duggar’s 18th birthday, the couple announced their engagement. Duggar has been spending most of his time in Texas with Spivey’s family, and some are convinced he’s never coming home — but does that mean he’s breaking away from his family?

Justin Duggar | TLC/YouTube

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey courted for 14 months

For a while, Duggar fans were certain that one of the older boys would be the next to announce a courtship. Jedidiah and Jerimiah recently moved in together, and some were convinced that the boys’ newfound freedom would surely lead to a new relationship. However, Justin Duggar surprised everyone when he announced during the season finale of Counting On that he had met someone special.

Duggar and Spivey’s parents have known each other for a while, but the two only met last year. They started a courtship soon after, but they only announced it to the public this past September. People were confused about how long the two had been courting, but Spivey cleared it up in her Instagram post. “After 14 months of courting, I am thrilled beyond words to be engaged to @justinmduggar!!!” part of Spivey’s caption read.

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Will Duggar break away from his family?

Since the couple started their relationship, Duggar hasn’t spent much time at home. Typically, the Duggar kids remain close to home once they marry; the only two currently living apart from the rest are Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, who wed in 2016 and haven’t moved back since. But with Duggar spending so much time in his fiancé’s hometown, it seems probable that he might never permanently return to Arkansas.

Viewers took to Reddit to discuss Duggar’s future, with some certain that Spivey’s parents won’t want her and her soon-to-be husband moving out of Texas. “I think … Justin realized very quickly he liked independence from his parents and he will not be re-entering the nest,” one user suspected. “I am not at all saying he’ll ‘break free’ … However, he might actually throw some shade at the Duggars down the road,” another person wrote.

“The fact that he’s in Texas now and apparently has been for some time, and that the Spiveys seem to have parental feelings toward him makes me think it’s a virtual certainty they’ll be in Texas,” another user commented.

Some are concerned that Duggar is marrying too young

Duggar was only 16 when he and Spivey started courting, and he’ll likely be married while he’s still 18 (the kids tend to have short engagements). Viewers are concerned that Duggar is far too young to be making a lifelong commitment such as marriage. “Why are all the children always engaged so young. Live a little!” one person wrote under the Duggar family’s announcement. “Wish they’d let them be kids instead of rushing them to grow up,” someone else wrote.

Still, many were excited to see Duggar so happy with his new fiancé. “Congratulations on finding your spouse early in life,” one fan commented.