‘Counting On’ Viewers Are Getting Upset With the Duggars on Instagram for Having So Many Babies

We’ve been keeping up with the Duggar family for over a decade thanks to TLC shows like 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On. And this season, we’re loving everything we’re learning about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids. Fan-favorite Duggar family members, like Jana, Jessa, and Jinger, are all quickly approaching their 30s, and it’s hard to believe how fast they’ve grown. Not only are they getting older, but they’re also expanding their families, too.

We all know Jim Bob and Michelle are famous for having 19 children of their own. And it looks like their kids are following right in the footsteps. Here’s who just had children recently and what Counting On viewers have to say about it.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar recently welcomed a baby girl

We may not hear as much about the Duggar sons than we do the Duggar daughters, but Josiah and his wife, Lauren, have exciting news. People reports on Nov. 8, the couple welcomed a baby girl, Bella Milagro, which means “beautiful miracle.”

“After a long and difficult labor, our girl arrived,” Lauren and Josiah said. “When we finally got to see and hold our precious Bella Milagro all the pain instantly went away. We can’t believe she is ours — she is so perfect!”

Bella is Lauren and Josiah’s rainbow baby, as they miscarried their first child. Lauren was particularly devastated by the loss and recalled the night she knew the baby was gone. “I was cramping really, really bad, which was quite strange because I normally don’t,” she said. “I was thinking maybe I had something that had gluten in it. It was late at night and I went to use the restroom and there was the baby. Gone. I couldn’t believe it and I was hoping it wasn’t true.”

Now, the two view Bella as a blessing after overcoming difficult times.

Joe and Kendra Duggar also had a girl

Just before Josiah and Lauren’s announcement, Joseph and Kendra Duggar had a baby girl, too. In Touch Weekly notes the couple brought a little girl into the world on Nov. 2.

“Addison Renee has made us a family of four and we are already so in love with her!” the couple said. “She made a quick arrival in the early hours of the morning and has already melted our hearts. We know Garrett is going to be a great big brother. Children are each a special gift from God and we are so happy our newest blessing is here.”

It looks like Joe and Kendra’s 17-month-old son, Garrett, is already enjoying being a big brother, too. “Our new pastime is staring and smiling at this precious new face! Garrett is very interested in his new sister,” In Touch reports the couple told Us Weekly. “We may be a little tired but what we lack on sleep has been made up in happiness!”

Fans are telling the Duggars to stop having kids

The other Duggars are just as excited for the little ones as the new parents are. The Duggar Family Instagram has posted updates on both the new baby girls on their page for their fans. While many Counting On followers are excited to see the little ones, many others are telling the family to stop reproducing.

“Not being negative here, but the Duggar children are reproducing like rabbits!” one fan remarked on the post about Joe and Kendra’s baby. “It’s hard to keep up! I’m happy for them but I also look at it from Jim Bob and Michelle’s perspective…they could potentially have a hundred or more grandkids!”

“These poor Duggar kids. Listen u guys,u do not need to keep making babies,God loves us all regardless of how many children we have,” another commented.

“Beautiful baby don’t be making 19 kids,” another warned.

Despite some backlash, we’re sure we’ll see many more Duggar kids in the future, too. Anna and Josh Duggar, as well as John David and Abbie Duggar, are expecting next!

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