‘Counting On’ Viewers Express Concern That Joe and Kendra Duggar Have Gone Silent About Baby No. 3

Joe and Kendra Duggar surprised fans when they announced baby no. 3 less than one year after welcoming their second child. The two generally don’t post much on social media, but viewers of the show have noticed that since the couple announced their pregnancy they’ve remained practically radio silent about the baby — including not revealing the baby’s gender.

Joe and Kendra Duggar | TLC/YouTube

Joe and Kendra Duggar’s relationship has moved quickly

Kendra and Joe surprised fans when they announced back in August that they’re expecting their third child. The two have moved quickly in their relationship; they only wed in 2017. The couple had been family friends for years, but since Joe is several years older than Kendra, he didn’t see her in a romantic way until she was 18.

Once Joe realized he wanted to court Kendra, he received her parents’ permission, and the two started a relationship. They only courted for about two months before Joe popped the question, and they wed only a few months after that. Kendra became pregnant within the days after her wedding, and they welcomed their first child, Garrett, exactly nine months later. The couple’s second child, Addison, was born in November 2019.

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Viewers have noticed the two haven’t mentioned Kendra’s pregnancy since the announcement

Joe and Kendra aren’t as active on Instagram as some of the other Duggar children. The couple prefers to keep their private life further separated from fans than, say, Jill and Jessa Duggar, but fans and critics alike have noticed that the two have kept their third pregnancy extremely private.

Joe and Kendra announced baby no. 3 in August 2020, and she referenced her pregnancy in her anniversary post to Joe. Other than that, though, neither has mentioned their pregnancy since the announcement.

Critics took to Reddit, questioning why Joe and Kendra never even revealed their baby’s gender. “Anyone else think it’s strange that there hasn’t been a peep from [Joe and Kendra] about the gender of her third spawn?” one user asked. “She’s probably waiting until a new season starts in hopes of boosting ratings,” someone wrote. “She’s waiting for her mom so they can do it together,” another user joked.

Still, the conversation took a darker turn when some grew concerned that Kendra wasn’t showing much in her daughter’s first birthday photos. “… When I saw the pictures from Addison’s birthday [Kendra] wasn’t really showing at all, and I thought that [a miscarriage] might be the case,” someone else wrote, though there is nothing to suggest such has happened beyond speculation.

Some have expressed concern over Kendra having so many kids

Many fans were excited when Joe and Kendra announced their third pregnancy, but some were concerned about Kendra having so many children at such a young age. The couple announced their third child only days after Kendra’s 22nd birthday, meaning she became pregnant with baby no. 3 at just 21 years old.

“Just stop and enjoy life as it is,” one user wrote under the couple’s announcement. “I just feel so sorry for Kendra, she’s a child herself,” someone else wrote. Still, others were thrilled for the two and can’t wait to meet their third baby.