‘Counting On’ Viewers Troll Jessa Duggar’s Husband, Ben Seewald, For His Recent Instagram Photo

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald star alongside Duggar’s family on Counting On. The two are fan favorites of the show, with Duggar being one of the primary stars. Still, it doesn’t mean the two are exempt from viewers poking fun at them from time to time. And those who follow the show couldn’t help but make fun of Seewald in his recent photo.

Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar
Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar | TLC/YouTube

Ben Seewald’s hat gained some attention from fans in his recent post

On Nov. 4, Seewald wished his wife a happy birthday — Duggar just turned 28. “Happy birthday to my amazing wife!” his caption read. “I’m so grateful to God for you. I’m blessed beyond measure.”

Fans wished Duggar a happy birthday, though to some, she wasn’t the focus of the photo — it was Seewald’s hat. Viewers couldn’t help but poke fun at Seewald’s look, which appeared to give off some kind of trendy hipster vibe. Some even took to Reddit to discuss the fashion choice.

“Ben marking the occasion of Jessa’s birthday by starting a hipster hat journey,” one user wrote. “They’re always 5-10 years behind on trends,” someone replied. Another user said Seewald gave off “big Mumford & Sons energy.” And some even compared Seewald’s hat to the one Lauren Duggar has been spotted wearing. “Does Lauren know he borrowed her hat?” one user wrote, with others crediting the look to Josie Balka, a Duggar family friend who often wears similar hats.

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Viewers have poked fun at Seewald’s fashion choices in the past

This isn’t the first time Seewald’s fashion has been looked at under a microscope. Back when he and Duggar first met in 2013, his fashion resembled outfits from the early 2000s rather than what was in style at the time (which could be why one viewer said the Duggars are “5-10 years” behind on trends).

Plus, Seewald’s handlebar mustache back in 2019 had fans and critics alike leaving plenty of comments. Though he only had it for three days — and it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously — it was enough time for people to give their opinions on the look. “Ben looks like he’s going to tie me to some traintracks [sic] in an old silent film,” one user wrote on Reddit at the time. “Ben 100% refers to movies as ‘films,’” someone else added.

The Duggar daughters’ fashion has changed drastically through the years, too 

Seewald isn’t the only one whose fashion choices have been altered over time. The Duggar daughters were raised to wear long skirts and dresses, though many of them have changed their style to include more on-trend pieces, especially in terms of shoes and accessories. While they still dress modestly, the women have been known to wear pants from time to time, and Jill and Jinger Duggar have also been spotted in shorts.

Though some have rebelled against their parents’ fashion more than others, long dresses have become more on-trend through the years, likely making it easier for the women to shop.